5 Unique Pieces to Add to your Christmas Village Collection

5 Unique Pieces to Add to your Christmas Village Collection

5 Unique Pieces to Add to your Christmas Village Collection

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Collecting Christmas villages such a fun way to decorate for the holidays, but sometimes, it can be hard to find a unique piece that stands out from the other buildings you already have and add personality to the village. Here’s a list of a few examples of unique Christmas villages pieces.


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Jigsaw Puzzle Workshop


For village collectors who love Santa’s workshops from the north pole, this JIgsaw Puzzle Shop is an adorable addition. This ceramic piece has so many details, like the puzzle piece shaped shutters, stepping stones, and shingles. It’s an attention-drawing piece with such a unique theme!


Madges Hair and Nails Beauty Parlor

This ‘50s Beauty parlor is a piece with so much character. The era-appropriate fonts and colors are a throwback for sure. The women seen in the window sitting are an amazing detail and add personality. And how cute is that puppy looking in?  This would also be such a unique and thoughtful gift for a hairstylist, salon owner, cosmetologist, or any lover of the ’50s.




Blue Lotus Yoga and Pilates Studio

Another unique small business building to your Christmas village is this yoga and pilates studio. The light blue and yellow accents are already an interesting touch to the building to oppose the usual brick exterior of other Christmas village pieces. Then you notice the exercise ball, yoga mat, and gym bag outside and when you turn on the lights and look even closer, you can find a couple of yoga students inside stretching!



North Star Karaoke Club

Have you seen a DJ Santa anywhere else? Well the elves and Santa need a way to unwind after their busy season. This north pole karaoke club has vibrant bright colors, and golden treble clef accents. This hilarious Christmas village piece is sure to add loads of humor to any collection.



The Naughty or Nice Detective Agency

The Naughty or Nice Detective Agency is a fun reminder that always Santa knows if you’ve been good or bad. And if the kids ask how exactly Santa finds out they’re behavior every year, this piece provides an answer. Who would’ve thought the north pole has a detective agency?



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