Christmas Decorating Ideas: how to decorate your front door

Christmas Decorating Ideas: how to decorate your front door

Christmas Decorating Ideas: how to decorate your front door

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Making The Best of your Christmas Front Door Decorations
There can be no more significant time of year than Christmas. The joy and beauty of the Christmas season is one of life's greatest memory builders for family, loved ones, and friends. For people who own a home, it provides one of the best times of year to showcase creativity and emphasize the beautiful aesthetics and décor of their home.

Exterior Home Christmas Decorating

Over the last few decades, exterior home décor for Christmas has significantly changed. With the advancements of technology and the creation of a wide variety of lighting options and décor pieces, homeowners can spend months planning for their next unique Christmas home décor display.

Until these changes occurred, many homeowners stuck to the same exterior and interior décor year after year with few variations. Now homeowners can add, change, and recreate as often as they wish to make the exterior of their home special and new each Christmas. While most people keep some of their décor favorites around for generations, the variety of decorations that can be added and changed out allows for a wide variety of stunning displays.

There are quite a few areas of a home's exterior that are vital to Christmas decorating. One of the primary places people love to focus their decorating on the exterior of their home is their front door. Because the front door is often considered the face of a home, decorating it during holiday times can be especially fun. At Christmastime, decorating the front door allows homeowners great creativity to craft stunning displays of cheerful beauty and festivity.

Analyzing Your Door Decorations

Before making a decision on how to decorate your door for Christmas, it's good to analyze what decorations you already have and what decorations you should to invest in. In the months leading up to decorating, it is good to go through your boxes of decorations to see if there are any that you want to use for your door this year. People often start focusing on gearing up for Christmas by late September.

Wreaths and More Christmas Decor

Some homeowners like to do simple decorating at Christmas on their front door. When this is the focus, placing a festive wreath usually becomes the focal point. However, wreaths have changed a great deal over the years, and the materials used for them have become increasingly diverse. Here are some great front door wreath ideas.

The Traditional Wreath

Many people love the beautiful look and smell of fresh pine on their door. The good news is there are a variety of different pine branches used so homeowners can try a new type each year and still have the beauty of a traditional-looking wreath.

When buying a traditional wreath at a store, they can be purchased decorated or undecorated. This allows people the ability to choose their decorations to add on. Color coordinating the bow with small decorations is a great way to customize a wreath. It allows for the primary colors of the wreath to have wide variations, which can include color matching the wreath with the house or other Christmas décor. To add a special flair, you can also choose from a wide variety of different pine cones and mix and match. Pine cones come in all shapes and sizes. They can be decorated with glitter or soaked and dried in fragrances to add a wonderful festive flair at your front door.

The Festive Pine Swag

Swags on a front door are really a delightful change from a traditional wreath. Because they are a cascading pine decoration, they offer a robust full look to front doors. A pine swag is a V-shaped pine decoration that adorns doorways and often features a variety of decorations including pine cones, berries and a bow along with any number of special personalized decoration choices.

Decorated Miniature Sleds

This is a very popular front door decoration at Christmastime. It brings a country flair and allows for a great amount of creativity and personal touch. Sleds are often decorated with the traditional pine accents as well as a bow. However, these decorations don't often feature as many pine cone accents as the swag and the wreath door decorations. Instead, these are often accented with miniature toys or musical instruments that bring about thoughts of things given to children under a Christmas tree. This is a fabulous front door decoration that can be changed every year with new fresh pine and a variety of different ornamental decorations.

Pine Cone Wreaths

This is a newer tradition that has taken on more significant popularity over the last decade. These can be made with a mixture of different types of pine cones. To add to the festive look, the pine cones are often accented with fake snow or glitter. These wreaths often are blended with miniature Christmas balls and dried berries and finished off with a bright-colored matching bow. The benefit of using these types of wreaths is that they can be used for several years without worrying about retaining its beauty.

Archway Decorating

Many homeowners really want to dress up the front of their homes with festive color and beauty. The use of pine wraps and garland over archways is the perfect way to do this. These can be finished off with a matching door decoration to bring it all together. This is also a great place to add some Christmas lights. Christmas lights attached to garland make for a beautiful and festive decoration. That allows the greenery to be highlighted even at night.

Foil Coverings and Accent Lighting

Some homeowners want to brighten up the front of their doorway so that even in the evening, it can be part of the night decorations. Homeowners can add a lot of sparkle and brightness with a foil door covering. Another great addition is getting a doorway spotlight lamp that is installed on the lawn and pointed at the front doorway.

Non-Traditional Door Wreaths

There are a wide variety of non-traditonal wreaths that homeowners can create themselves. The base for these wreaths is often wire, wood or hard plastic hoops that are sold at craft stores. They can be wrapped in ribbons with bright and colorful Christmas decorations added off to the side or all around the hoop. The use of fresh greens and Christmas décor wooden fruit or silk poinsettia flowers are often added to create a striking display of color and creativity.

Ceramic Flower Pot Accents

Adding matching decorations at the front doorway in flower pots is a popular theme at many homes. When the pottery is sizable, they can be accented with a small set of Christmas lights in addition to the greenery and bows. These can really help the front walkway leading to a front door look stunning.

Wood Decorations

The use of wood decorations such as Nutcrackers Princes and tin soldiers is often a big hit when trying to create an early nineteenth-century doorway theme. They can be placed to stand guard at the front door or placed at the beginning of a walkway.

Other Christmas Decor for The Doorway

Angels of all sizes are a very popular door accent. Because they are such a popular Christmas decoration, they are often used as accents leading up to the front door. They can be purchased pre-lit or can be accented by string lights.

Leafy Garland has become part of the trending popular front door Christmas decorations. These are often accented with Mountain Laurel and ivy leaves. Because these leaves are hardy greens that winter over in nature, they will readily withstand all different temperatures and should stay vital for the entire Christmas season.

Planning Ahead For Your Homemade Christmas

When decorating your front door using fresh greenery for wreaths, swags, sleds, potted accents, or garland, it is important to remember they will usually only stay fresh looking for several months unless you live in a colder climate. In climates that are warmer, they may only last for 30-45 days. This is an important consideration when deciding when to start creating and decorating your home.

Remember that when you look at decorating your front door, you can also expand to create an ambiance on the whole front of the house to include décor that matches the door on the walkway, porch, mailbox, and archway areas. People who have handrails and stairs leading up to their front door can also place beautiful garland on the railing for a lovely finishing touch.

No matter what special Christmas decorating you are looking to feature at your home, Schmidt Christmas Market has a wide variety of stunning and glittering decorations to give your home that warm and festive Christmas glow you are looking for.

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