Christmas decoration ideas - how to bring magic in your home 

Christmas decoration ideas - how to bring magic in your home 

Christmas decoration ideas - how to bring magic in your home 

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Winter WonderlandHolidays are the perfect time of the year to awake our imagination and to start enjoying magical evenings in our home with family and friends. When it comes to Christmas decoration we are all excited for the opportunity to transform our home into the winter fairy tale so we keep trying to find new ideas to do so. 



That’s why we bring you creative Christmas decoration ideas, that can help you to achieve the goal of creating a holiday ambiance. We believe that Christmas spirit unites us all, so let’s dive into the world of Christmas trees, ornaments, garlands, etc…


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Christmas tree decoration - the main part of the processSchmidt Christmas Market Christmas Tree          We shall start from the most important part of the Christmas decoration - a glorious Christmas tree. How can you make your Christmas tree unique and special, and what should you add to make it more elegant and delightful? You should start by choosing the style of decoration.      When you decide what will be your Christmas tree decoration, you can coordinate the rest of the decoration with your magical tree. The first thing you should consider is the combination of the colors on your tree. Some people are more traditional, so they will pick blown glass ornaments in good old red and green combination. 



If you feel like trying new things, and walk on a bolder side by choosing rose gold colors, or even the blue one, let’s talk about Christmas tree decoration ideas that you can use. 


White and blue decoration in order to bring snow at your house 


Blue and Silver Christmas tree by Schmidt Christmas MarketIf you want to create a true winter wonderland at your home, a great Christmas decoration idea is to choose a white, silverish, or blue type of decoration. You can play with white baubles, and create the effect of big snowflakes on the tree you decorating. 


People who like minimalism are more likely to choose this kind of decoration because it fits perfectly in their home design. Actually, this kind of decoration could be great in the house full of details, because it won’t make the effect of too much


Navy blue and gold combination for elegance 


Let’s think outside of the box, but inside of the splendor and elegance that you can achieve with this combination of colors. You can choose gold ribbon with navy blue ornaments in different shapes, or even add some gold bells, which will be stylish and interesting at the same time. 


Golden Christmas Tree by Schmidt Christmas MarketFeel free to play with shades and shapes in order to get an elegant look as you prefer. With this kind of Christmas tree decoration, you can decorate your home with golden details, and with that kind of decoration you can just let the magic begin.  

Traditional color-coordination for the warm ambiance at home 


When we think about bringing our family closer together, or about putting the present under the Christmas tree, the tree of our imagination usually is the one with the traditional combination of red and green with some goldish details, and some Christmas tree lights.


Tradition gives us warmth, memories, good and safe feeling that we want to treasure, so the idea of bringing this combination on your Christmas tree is always more than welcome. You can add different hanging ornaments, vintage details, and put some elves, and Christmas gift containers alongside with the present.  


Christmas Mug with hot Chocolate by Schmidt Christmas Market

Bring your family together, prepare hot chocolate or tea, put it in your favorite Christmas mugs, and enjoy in this beautiful and peaceful ambiance that you created. 



How to decorate the rooms in your home?


So you finished the Christmas tree decoration, and it’s time to put that shine and elegance on the rest of your house. When you search for Christmas decoration ideas it is important to choose to arrange all the details in every room that you feel like decorating. 


Fully Lit Christmas Tree by Schmidt Christmas MarketUsually, the Christmas tree is in the living room, so you can add decorative presents, alongside the real ones, and coordinate their wrapping to compliment the color scheme in your living room. Also, you should consider the colors on the Christmas tree, and match it all together.


Fireplace decoration ideas 


Fireplace by Schmidt Christmas MarketIn case you have a fireplace in your living room, no anything says Christmas the way garlands on your fireplace do. So don’t forget to put them. You can also add some Christmas lights and decorative ribbon.


If your fireplace doesn’t work you can still use it as a part of the decoration. Instead of putting candles in the lanterns, fill them with string lights. It's a great idea to make a non-working fireplace feel cozy.


How to decorate your bedroom?


Decorated Bedroom by Schmidt Christmas MarketTransform your bedroom into a cozy place where you would be excited to spend long winter nights. You can do that by putting some lights, and candles that can create great ambiance. The colorful lights can be a part of your Christmas window decoration, but you can also go one step ahead and use some decorative ladders where you can put your lights. 


Choose blankets with different kinds of Christmas patterns just to jazz it up a little bit, and enjoy your peaceful place with a cup of coffee or tea before bedtime. 


Tips for outside Christmas decoration


House with Christmas Lights by Schmidt Christmas MarketDon’t forget outside Christmas decoration so you can spread the Christmas spirit in your neighborhood. Outdoor Christmas lights can be a key in this matter. Christmas yard decorations also can be different figures, as Christmas sled with reindeers, or Santa Claus, or the figures of angles. Create blissful sight in front of your house, which will make people  stop and stare for a minute. 



Enjoying holidays is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling things, that gives you space to be a creative dreamer. So use these ideas to show your artistic side and to create a winter wonderland at home. 

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