Christmas in Athens: 10 Must See And Do Activities for Christmas

Christmas in Athens: 10 Must See And Do Activities for Christmas

Christmas in Athens: 10 Must See And Do Activities for Christmas

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Christmas in the city of Athens begins on the sixth of December to January sixth. In December, the municipality of Athens city ensures there are several concerts for free. It is one of the most favorite Greek holidays. Traditions for Christmas are a part of the Greeks’ culture that is rooted deep. Christmas Decorations are highly valued and emphasized. Christmas Decor is well done all over the city. The weather during this period is certainly not freezing, but it’s chilly, which is an advantage to tourists for crowds are less in not only historical sites but also museums unlike during summer. During this period, people shop for gifts, decorate and prepare their respective homes for the feasts.

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Christmas celebrations are mostly open air. There are ornaments like boats that are decorated with lights that twinkle. Traditionally these boats are made by children and women. Greetings are about many years, merry Christmas and happy new year. These boats are then placed next to the Christmas tree at the syntagma square. Homes are also decorated using these small boats, an identity of the Greeks that most people years ago were sailors. It is also an act of representation of joy and thankfulness for the son and father of the house returning safely. Spending Christmas in Athens comes with a list of to-do things that you cannot imagine yourself not getting involved in. Some of them include;

1. Feeling the atmosphere and enjoyment of the holiday in syntagma square. This is the city’s heart where the Christmas tree for the whole city is illuminated. The Christmas Decor in this square is done with blue and white colors; therefore, trees here are decorated with lights of the same colors.

2. The other thing you certainly need to do is buying gifts for Christmas Decoration in Athens city. It is essential to feel the cheer of giving gifts as you walk around the streets if you’re celebrating Christmas in Athens. Some of these gifts are found in bazaars, markets, and shops where artisans sell all things or even the streets of Ermou. Some of the gifts and Christmas Decorations you come across in the Schmidt Christmas Market include;

• Greek jewelry; bracelets, rings.
• Costumes
• Baubles
• Automotive
Blown glass ornaments
Christmas Decor
• Wreaths
• Stars
Plush ornaments
Wooden village
• Stockings

Schmidt Christmas Market sells only Christmas related items and not anything else all year round. They have a collection of items from everywhere in the world. Schmidt Christmas Market is an online shop that is why it enables you to shop from anywhere.

3. Christmas festivals for children. Little ones need to write to Santa or even meet him personally, especially on gifts they want to unwrap and their wishes. Skating in ice is also something kids enjoy doing during Christmas. They also enjoy spots with rides and games.

4. Another thing one needs to do to feel the Christmas atmosphere is exploring Greece, especially the ancient places. Archaeological sites tend to open during these days, and since there are no large crowds, it is important to take a guided tour in a museum to learn from an expert locally. It could be about culture or even sports. For example, you could even choose to visit the Delhií archaeological site. There’s also a historical center, Nafplio. It is believed to have been founded by the son of god. It is located near Mycenae and Epidaurus city. This historical site has castles and monuments.

5. Seeing evzones. This is a breathtaking ceremony. Their costumes are unique, and the ceremony is memorable. It entails changing the guard of the president, who is an elite. It takes place at the front of the parliament, which is in syntagma square.

6. Attending mass or visiting an orthodox church for Greeks is also another thing in the top ten list of what to do when celebrating Christmas in Athens. The icons and paintings are done for the Christmas celebration. The paintings are small in size all around. For instance, there’s Saint Dionysius Church for the Catholics and also the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens.

7. Nightlife during the holiday. For a lively night, I would recommend Klimataria. Athenians enjoy going out at night during Christmas and mostly on weekends. Greeks’ traditional foods at a tavern are available for dinner. You can also join in singing as well as the dancing. Sometimes you can even choose to stay until sunrise. There is also a wine scene in which you can enjoy a glass as you listen to music.

8. Desserts for the Greeks are something else that you can’t just leave out during the Christmas holiday. Any bakery will certainly have these treats. Both sugar and honey cookies are likely to be displayed in these spots. I would recommend sweetbread prepared during Easter. However, there’s also another type of dessert, a simple cake round in shape cut after the new year. It is baked with a coin inside and whoever finds themselves with the piece with that coin is said to be the one with the luck of that year. The café for desserts is decorated on both the inside and outside Desserts go with coffee and even hot chocolate.

9. Besides the desserts, eating Greek food for Christmas cannot be left out. Although most restaurants are closed during Christmas, in five-star hotels, one cannot miss traditional dishes for Christmas. They mainly consist of main dishes with meat; turkey, lamb, or pork.

10. Another thing to do in Greece during Christmas is probably skiing. There’s a season for this and slopes too. There are ski villages near Mount Parnassos. This mountain is too tall, with tourists going to the top to enjoy the city’s full view. The lights of this city that sparkle, give the heart a bliss. Climbing up these mountains is also a gun on experience to fireworks. Ice skating is also another activity common and very popular, mostly among children during Christmas. Costumes for this include warm clothes and hand gloves.

Clearly, in Athens, the Christmas holiday is celebrated in a very distinct manner, unlike other places. The Greeks highly value traditions. This is what makes it interesting to celebrate Christmas in Athens even though the festivals take place during winter.


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