Christmas Market Mugs

Christmas Market Mugs

Christmas Market Mugs

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            There are a million different reasons why Christmas markets are so magical and have so many visitors yearly, but collecting Christma market mugs is definitely one of them.

Christmas Market MugsThe designs, shapes, and colors change from market to market, according to the city and depending on the year. This makes mugs the perfect cheery holiday collectible that also reduces tons of waste every season! Collectors often try to get the new yearly design, one from every city they have gone to or want to get the more rare shapes, like the boot-shaped mugs.  Most stalls and shops within the Christmas markets serve their drinks in holiday-themed ceramic mugs. You may notice the price of drinks is a little more expensive at Christmas markets. This is because you will often be paying for the drink and a deposit for the mug. Once you’re done with your drink, it is up to you whether to return the mug back to the stall it came from to get the deposit refunded, or to can simply keep the cup as a souvenir.


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While there are many different drinks sold, the most popular staple within the Christkindlmarkets is Glühwein. This “spiked Christmas punch” is a hot mulled and spiced wine with a delicious mixture of cloves, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and citrus. Red is the most type of common Glühwein, but you may be able to find white or a non-alcoholic option that is similar to apple cider (Kinderpunsch).

Other common Christmas drinks and cocktails often available include:

- Feuerzangebowle: some rum poured over a sugar cube and set on fire, often served in a unique cup with an indention on the bottom to hold the sugar cube.

-Warmer Met, a warm mead made with fermented honey, water and an assortment of spices and fruit

-or Heise Schokolade, a hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.

These cups of holiday cheer keep visitors warm during their winter shopping and celebrating through the markets and let them relive these memories every time they see and use these works of art.

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