Christmas party outfits - how to look glamorous and festive 

Christmas party outfits - how to look glamorous and festive 

Christmas party outfits - how to look glamorous and festive 

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The holiday season really gives us a special feeling, and an urge to celebrate life. That’s why we throw parties and gatherings, and attend on different kinds of holiday events. For all these occasions we need a suitable outfit, and sometimes there is a lack of ideas. That’s why we prepared ideas for Christmas party outfits. 


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Let’s see what can you wear at the next Christmas party!

Christmas dresses for women 

When it comes to picking outfits ladies always have a wider choice, so we’ll start from Christmas dresses for women. Let’s find out how can you shine brighter than any Christmas decoration, and what should be your pick for the next Christmas party. 

Empire Waist Dress

This dress gives you a perfect mermaid silhouette, that is super flattering, and you can combine it with a v-neckline, that will make you look slim. When it comes to colors you can choose either green or red one, because these colors are so festive. 

If we talk about fabric, the interesting one would be velvet, because nothing says ‘holiday’ more than a velvet fabric and a green color. 

Rhinestone Midi Dress

When you think about elegance, you think about bodycon, maxi length dress. These kinds of Christmas dresses for women, are really sophisticated and feminine. By picking different color you can make it look more edgy or chic. 

Plaid Sweater Dress

In the winter season sometimes we don’t want to leave our warm home, and we just want to spend time next to the Christmas tree, under the blanket. Can you imagine feeling that comfortable in some dress? Plaid sweater dress will give you that comfy feeling. 

If you go to a casual Christmas party, this kind of outfit can be a perfect choice. Plaid just says Christmas, so you will remain in Christmas spirit while wearing this comfortable and warm dress, as a one of the great Christmas party outfits.

Cocktail Holiday Dresses 

Cocktail dresses are often associated with summer party, but you can pull this off as a holiday dress too, by adding your favorite tights and heels or even elegant boots. Choose an elegant coat, and put some scarf on, and you will be ready to go. 

Christmas dresses for women should be elegant, stylish, and easy to wear, so cocktail holiday dresses are a great way to achieve that.  

Elegant Metallic Gown

You can choose between the metallic or gold option of this kind of gown, the same way as you can choose whether you’ll wear it at a Christmas party or  New Year’s Eve. This elegant design fits beautifully, and it will bring the spotlight on you. 

Jumpsuits are a great replacement for Christmas dresses 

If you’re not a big fan of dresses, don’t worry, you can still look amazing, glamorous and festive by choosing to wear elegant jumpsuit. There are a lot of options when it comes to jumpsuits and you can choose the one you like the most. 

One-Shoulder Jumpsuit

Be playful with a one-shoulder jumpsuit. One sleeve can be long, or puff, it should bring dynamic, and pants should be comfortable and elegant. 

Backless Jumpsuit 

Go bold by choosing a backless jumpsuit that will be very interesting, feminine, and a bit sexy. Choose the color you like and play with design, there’s no way you won’t be noticed in this Christmas party outfit. 

Christmas party outfits for men 

We didn’t forget about the men. For you we prepared some simple, clean, and easy Christmas party outfits you can pull off any time. 

Casual Christmas Party Outfit 

If you want to achieve a casual look for the Christmas party you are attending then choose a relaxed pair of trousers and an unbuttoned shirt. If it’s not too cold, roll up your sleeves and opt for lighter shades like pale blue or white. You can add a sleek blazer, and pair it with sneakers.

Outfit for Semi-Formal Christmas Party

Don’t worry if you are not sure what should you wear on a semi-formal Christmas party, here are some ideas.  If the party takes place during the day, an ideal Christmas outfit is a suit navy, brown, cream, light blue, or grey. It doesn't have to be a full suit, you can go for separates such as a pair of trousers and a blazer. A semi-formal party doesn’t require a tie, but you can add it if you want. 

Black Tie Formal Christmas Party Outfits 

This is the most formal it can get for such a party, and traditionally these events require a tuxedo, dress shirt, and exceptional tailoring. In other words, you will need to go full suit. Choose from a shawl or peak lapel to flatter, and opt for shades in the darker option to suit the occasion.  A bow-tie and pocket square will be the elegant final touch. You can experiment with fabric and choose the velvet bow-tie. 

After reading this text you will be prepared to make that festive glow by choosing your perfect Christmas party outfit, and all we can say is: Have a good time!


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