Christmas Sugar Cookie/ Ginger Bread Cookie Ideas

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Christmas Sugar Cookie/ Ginger Bread Cookie Ideas



Tired of using the same old cookie cutters, designs and decorations year after year? Add something unique to your Christmas cookies this year with these fun ideas:





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Half Dipped

A fun way to add some pizzaz to simple star cookies, or any shape really, is to dip them in melted chocolate and before it dries, sprinkle on your favorite candies or sprinkles. This is also a great way to minimize mess, ass you can hold the cookie on the empty side so no chocolate melts on your hands.


Double Cutouts

​A unique way to use cookie cutters in different sizes is to use the larger shape first to cut the cookie dough, then use a smaller shape in the middle to cut out a smaller cookie. This creates a fun shape inside the outer line of another shape.



Marble Icing


Mix at least two colors of icing to create a wonderful marble sign. Each cookie will come out unique and it is exciting to see the outcome of your hard work.










Cookie Canvas

​Another way to add cool designs to your cookie is by painting them on with brushes! This is the only way you can do some designs. Do not be afraid to use untraditional colors that you don’t normally see during Christmas time, like these fun pinks!








​Find cookie cutters you can repurpose season to season like these hearts! By adding colors that are fitting for the Christmas season, you can make any shape festive.




Have a Fashion Show



​Be a fashion designer for your gingerbread people and create your own exciting scarves, hats, gloves, boots and clothes.




Have Fun


​Lastly, just have fun! Put out all the cookie cutters, icings and decorations and let loose! They will taste delicious perfectly decorated or not



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