Christmas Time Escapades Worth Checking Out In Copenhagen On Your Next Vacation

Christmas Time Escapades Worth Checking Out In Copenhagen On Your Next Vacation

Christmas Time Escapades Worth Checking Out In Copenhagen On Your Next Vacation

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Schmidt Christmas Market is excited to bring you another one of our wintertime features detailing all of the exciting places you could see around the world over Christmas.

Today we will be talking all about one of our favorite Eastern European cities, Copenhagen. This is a town older than the United States itself with plenty of history to show for it. So let's get started.

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Top 10 Christmas Activities In Copenhagen For Guests To The City

Schmidt Christmas Market has scoured through all of the available attractions within Copenhagen and narrowed it down to the top 10. Hopefully, this is a short enough list that you'll be able to knock every single one of them out before you go home if you decide to go and visit Copenhagen this year. Even if you don't, it will be a lot of fun trying.

1. Check Out The Julemarked At Tivoli Gardens

Christmas Decor galore is found at one of the most impressive outdoor gardens in the world. While the theme parks section is only open in the summery months of the year, the location is still popular when the rides are closed. That is thanks to the prolific abundance of outdoor Christmas markets.

Vendors will line up their stalls all around the square, where you are able to bargain with them and hopefully find some new Christmas decorations. It's one of the best ways to get hands on experience with the culture of the people of Copenhagen yourself. It is hard to beat it this time of year.

2. Go And Visit Hotel D'angleterre & Magasin Du Nord

If you are as obsessed with the best Christmas Decorations as we are here, then you will absolutely die when you catch a glimpse of this magnificent hotel. While the actual cost of staying at the hotel can be quite pricey, their brilliant Christmas Decor display each year has become a tradition for even natives of the area to go and see.

You simply do not catch this kind of glamour in most areas of the world, even when it is Christmas time. If you happen to have the money, it is also one of the most phenomenal places you could stay while in Copenhagen over the holidays.

3. Test Your Skills On The Ice At Frederiksberg Runddel

A lot of people have never gotten the chance to try ice-skating. Well, while you are in Copenhagen, whether you have tried it in the past were not, you must go to the Fredericksburg ice-skating rink. It is one of the most popular areas in the city.

Fredericksburg is technically a tiny community within Copenhagen that is its own city. The ice-skating rink has skate rentals, for you do not need to bring your own ice skates. Make sure you get there before the sun sets if you still want some daylight while you are skating. Otherwise, once it hits 4 o'clock, you will get the option to use the light of the Christmas décor that is abundantly spread throughout the park.

4. Copenhagen Christmas Food Walking Tour

Copenhagen has a ton of guided tours available. One of the best Christmas-themed tours you can check out while you are in the city is the Christmas Food walking tour. Denmark is considered to be one of the world's foodie capitals and has a long history of culinary traditions. This store is located in the most popular food market of Copenhagen, Torvehallerne. Throughout the experience, you will taste everything from candy to sausage and even wine.

5. Copenhagen's Christmas Spirit
By: Ourway Tours In Copenhagen

This is not a specific section of the city but rather the entire city itself. Christmas Décor is thrown up all over the entire area every year over the holidays. This tour brings you through nine of the most popular spots found within the Danish capital and drops you off at King's Garden. Throughout the experience, you will learn some of the histories of the city and check out all of the beautiful new decorations thrown up in the holiday spirit.

6. Denmark's Forest Tower

The Forest Tower is one of the most famous attractions within the entire country of Denmark. It is located within one of the world's densest forests and has been rated by Times Magazine as one of the world's greatest places to visit. There are tour groups that leave the city of Copenhagen daily to go visit the Forest Tower. It is located just outside of the city limits and is perfect for when you feel like escaping the city life for a few hours. At the top of the Forest Tower, you will be greeted by one of Denmark's most magnificent vistas. It is the perfect getaway for the nature lover that wants to travel over Christmas.

7. Magic Christmas Tour In Copenhagen
By: Fun Top Fun Denmark

Christmas Decorations seem to be very popular throughout Copenhagen's city if you judge by all of the guided tours that show them off. This is another guided tour definitely worth checking out only available over the holidays.

You will be given a professional tour guide who will personally guide you through the most decorated areas of Copenhagen. On the way, they will read the volume with various Christmas stories and tales from the history of Copenhagen. At the end of the trip you'll be at another one of the attractions on our list: the Rosenborg Castle.

8. Conger Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle is located right in one of the most popular parks in the city: The King's garden. The initial Castle was erected by the Scandinavian King Christian the fourth. It is over 400 years old and has a ton of history. Throughout its halls are numerous treasures that were once adorned by the country's previous monarchs.

Inside of the Great Hall can see the coronation drones and three life-size lion statues made entirely of silver. If you've never gotten the chance to see a European Castle that is even older than the United States in person, it is an experience that you cannot miss out on without regretting it later.

9. Learn The History Of Nyhavn

The English translation of the name for this little hamlet is New Harbor. Although the name might try to convince you otherwise, this little port village is quite old with tons of history. Throughout the city, there are canals that fairy passengers throughout the area similar to Venice.

While in the past, the area was considered to be hit or miss thanks to the bodacious sailors who used to frequent the bars. Today the area has been restored and is now the most popular tourist attraction in Copenhagen. It's a great place to go and check out, with over 80 different tours available within this tiny area there are more than enough options to keep you busy.

10. Relax And Reflash At Copenhot Saunas

Of course, after checking off all nine of the other attractions we have discussed so far, you must be exhausted. Luckily, Copenhagen is home to some of the world's most famous hot saunas. Scandinavian culture places a lot more value on saunas than most other Western nations.

There are plenty of different places that you can choose from within the city limits, but Copenhot is probably the one worth checking out the most. This is not actually located in one place but on top of a boat that cruises through the canals. On top of the boat, there are several different saunas with hot water to relax while you float through the city. Enjoy all the sites, and remember to take some pictures.


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If you are truly adventurous, you can take a dip into the canal's icy cold waters before getting into the sauna. This is a tradition descended from the ancient Vikings, actually.


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