Christmas Tree Skirt which one is right for my Tree?

Christmas Tree Skirt which one is right for my Tree?

Christmas Tree Skirt which one is right for my Tree?

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Christmas tree skirts do more than just dress up your tree. Tree skirts hide unsightly tree stands and catch loose needles, too. However, there are many different skirt sizes and styles. After you select the right size for your tree skirt, you'll be able to settle on a style. Then it's a simply a matter of buying your tree skirt.

Determine the ideal size range of the skirt. Measure the diameter of your Christmas tree stand. Then measure the diameter of your tree from the tips of its outer branches. Your Christmas tree skirt should be larger than the diameter of your stand, but smaller than the diameter of the outer branches of your tree.

  • You can find the diameter by measuring the entire width of the circles formed by the stand and the tips of the tree's outer branches.
  • Your skirt should always completely cover your tree stand from view. If yours does not, it is too small.

Use larger sizes for ornate skirts. Decorative tree skirts may feature a prominent design that you want to show off. In this case, using a slightly larger than necessary tree skirt will display it better. Skirts only intended as an accent to the tree can be on the smaller side so as not to detract attention from other decorations.

Avoid skirts that could be tripping hazards. At some point, it's likely you and your family will gather around the tree to open presents. During this activity, overlarge tree skirts can become a dangerous tripping hazard.

  • In some cases, you may be able to tuck the extra fabric of overlarge skirts underneath itself.

Determining the Right Style of Skirt

Give your tree traditional flair with a quilted skirt. Even if your quilted tree skirt is brand new, quilted material is often equated with a traditional, down-home sense. Quilted tree skirts come in a variety of themes, colors, and designs.

  • If you have a yearly Christmas theme, like nutcrackers or snowmen for example, you can likely find a quilted tree skirt that features these designs.
  • If you can't find a quilted tree skirt in the right theme, why not quilt your own blanket and cut a hole in it to create a homemade quilted tree skirt?

Convey a winter theme with a unique skirt shape. Some tree skirts have a special shape. Two common shapes used for tree skirts include snowmen and snowflakes. What's more, you can coordinate these specialty skirts with other decorations to create a neat Christmas display.

  • Snowflake tree skirts are often decorated with glittering accents. This can give your tree extra pop.

Make your tree look rustic with a primitive skirt. If you appreciate the simple, honest feel of rustic decorations, the primitive skirt will be perfect. Even better, you can make a rustic skirt inexpensively with a burlap sack and a pair of scissors. Simply:

  • Cut the burlap sack down its seam until the bag shape is reduced to a single, flat piece of fabric.
  • Wrap the burlap around your tree until the stand is covered and the skirt extends to your ideal size range.
  • Use more burlap bags prepared in the same way as the first if there is not enough burlap to make your tree skirt from a single one.

Add an extravagant touch with a velvet skirt. Velvet will look fantastically soft under the gentle glow of the Christmas lights on your tree. These beautiful tree skirts come in many colors, patterns, and designs. Choose whichever one suits your taste and decor.

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