Decorating Your Front Yard for Christmas

Decorating Your Front Yard for Christmas

Decorating Your Front Yard for Christmas

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When it comes to decorating for Christmas, everyone has their own personal preferences. Some only decorate inside their homes, others only decorate outside, and some do both. If you are looking for some common ideas that a lot of people tend to use to decorate their front yard or general outside area of your home for Christmas, the ideas are basically endless, and you can also choose any of them and put your own spin on it.

String Lights

The most common Christmas decorations out there is most likely string lights. These lights come in many different colors or shapes or sizes, and the ones you want are really up to you.

How to set up

If lights are a type of decoration that catches your fancy, the main thing to make sure is that you set them up somewhere that is close by a plug. The other main thing is to make sure that you know that you have left a long enough end to the string to reach from the plug to where you are decorating, or you will have your lights up but you will not be able to turn them on. For outside usage, a common addition that people use along with the lights is a timer that schedules when the lights come on and off outside during the night. These timers can most likely be found at your local hardware or online, and each one would come with it's own directions, but the basic idea is that the timers allow you to pick specific times when the lights will turn off and on at nighttime without you having to go outside and turn them on every night.


Following along similar lines to lights, another common front yard decoration is figurines. These decorations can come in many different forms, including inflatables or wire, stand up, animals that are decorated with their own lights.

How to set up

In the case of the wire figurines, setting them up is similar to the lights in that you will have to make sure they are in a place where they can be plugged in and potentially have a timer included so it will have it's lights turn on when you want. For inflatables, they will most likely also include lights somewhere on them that will turn on at night, and usually the only way to set them up is to blow them up and make sure they are set up in a stable way so they will not blow away in the case of a wind or snow storm, that are of course very common occurrences in winter. Inflatables also come in many different shapes and sizes, that can range from Santa to Snowmen, along with small inflatables, to some that are many feet tall. If inflatables are something that takes your fancy, the size and shape are completely up to you.


Of course, the most common decorations for either inside or outside your house is the tree. How and where you decide to use a tree if you do is up to you, but another common idea is that the fake trees are for inside and real trees are most likely for outside, though everyone is different and may prefer to do either or or both.

How to set up

For outside, a real tree would most likely be the right way to go, so a fake tree is not ruined by the weather. If you would like a real tree outside, it would also provide a way to get a bigger tree than you might have inside, and one that you might not necessarily have to worry about as much as your inside one.

Trees come in many shapes and sizes, so similar to the inflatables, that will be up to you and what you want to do or what might fit with your house. As far as outside goes, you will need to make sure that the tree is secure as much as you can make it, just like you might do for an inside one. Also similar to the inflatables, if you do not it will most likely blow over in the first winter storm.

When decorating your tree, for outside it would be the best bet to pick items that will not be lost or damaged with outside conditions, depending on where you live. Sometimes, the simpler the better. The safest bet would be to string some of your lights on the outside tree and then leave it at that. If you do want to put ornaments or garland on it, make sure they are proofed for outside in winter weather or ones that are guaranteed to make it through the season and that will strongly stay on. Of course, if you live in an area where you get less snow or bad weather during the holiday season, this might be easier for you than for others.


Decorating for everyone is different. Everyone can choose how they want to decorate their own house, and since every house is different how they choose to decorate most likely also depends on how their house is. You may choose to decorate with some of the ideas listed above, or you might choose other things. There are many other options of course, such as garland or wreaths that you can string around your front porch if you choose to do that as well. And sometimes there are items or ideas out there that no one else would have ever thought of that you might be able to make unique for your own house and yard, such as bells or nutcrackers, or anything else that you might find. If you have the time and want to go all out, another idea could be putting your outside lights to music, and not just on a timer. You may even choose to have a theme that can be reflected both inside and outside your home. However you choose to decorate, do it in a way that is fun for you, your family, the people in your neighborhood, and everyone involved. Do not bite off more than you can chew or stress yourself out with decorating. Just have fun in what is known as the most wonderful time of the year.

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