DIY Christmas in July Party

DIY Christmas in July Party

DIY Christmas in July Party

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Still full of Christmas cheer at this time of the year? Host a Christmas in July party! Presents or not, being surrounded by friends and family having a fun time will be just as magical as flying reindeer and snowmen.


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Even in the summer heat, there are so many ways to pull out a few pieces of old Christmas decor and then turn your party into a DIY winter wonderland. And if anyone teases you for leaving your tree up months and months after Christmas ended, you can now say this was the plan all along.




  • Giant Ornaments- Grab a few of the largest bouncy balls you can find from the store. Preferably at least a beach ball size, but ideally exercise ball size. Paint to look like a Christmas ornament, paint a plastic cup silver or gold to add to the top, and cut two holes on the top of the cup to put a string through to hang your giant masterpiece. Cute for hanging on trees in the yard!



Santa’s Vacation Table Decoration- Fill a glass jar or container a quarter of the way with sand. Next, create Santa’s dream vacation and decorate with seashells, ornaments, a little Santa, and even toothpick umbrellas!





Water Balloon Snowball Fight- Fill the blue and white balloons to be stand-in snowballs. This is a great activity for kids who love Frozen and Elsa to pretend they have magic ice and water powers!


Frosty the Sandman- You’re more likely to be at a beach or sandy place than near snow right now, so challenge the kids to see who can build the best snowman made of sand! Find some sticks, seashells, a baseball cap and you could even try to unearth a scarf from last winter to make your sandman masterpiece! (Or use this snowman decorating kit with everything you’ll need to stick in the sand snowman!


Ugly T-shirt Contest- Nobody would be caught dead wearing a thick, itchy sweater in the middle of a hot summer, but you can challenge everyone’s creativity to see who can make the wackiest Christmas T-shirt. All you need is some glue, fabric markers, and anything from tinsel, pom poms, felt, or small ornaments. Bonus points for a Christmas themed Hawaiian shirt!!



Sweet Drinks and Treats:


Adult Cranberry Refreshments-   A delicious and cold refreshment for the adult guests that’s super easy to make! Just four ingredients: vodka, ginger kombucha, fruit juice with cranberries sprinkled on top.



Frozen hot chocolate- whip out your very favorite hot chocolate recipe or cocoa powder, cool, then pour into popsicle molds or an ice cube tray for a homemade chilly chocolate treat.


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