Exciting Things to Do During Christmas Period in Sydney

Exciting Things to Do During Christmas Period in Sydney

Exciting Things to Do During Christmas Period in Sydney

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Exciting Things to Do During Christmas Period in Sydney
Christmas is a wonderful season throughout the world. It is a time for merry filled with great joy, happiness and celebration. Many people find different ways to celebrate this season. Celebrations may involve many activities depending on where one is. A common feature of the celebrations is Christmas decor. While the magic of Christmas transcends borders, the activities that people engage in vary from town to town or city to city. Culture has a big part in the differences, but so does the weather. If you are in Sydney, there is a lot you can do for your Christmas. There are many activities that will keep you engaged and merry throughout the period. Sydney is one enticing city to be in during Christmas. Here at Schmidt Christmas Market, we offer you a list of 10 things you can do while in Sydney over the Christmas period.

1. Christmas Carols at the Domain

One of the biggest events in Sydney during Christmas ins the Christmas concert that happens in the Domain. This annual event brings on stage many artists as they perform different Christmas carols. It is the largest free Christmas event in Australia. Other than the Domain, there are several other places where you can enjoy Christmas carols. You can go for Strathfield Christmas carols, Christmas in the City, and Carols in Parramatta. There will be plenty of Christmas decor in all these events to set the spirit of Christmas.

2. Christmas Shopping

You can have a great time shopping around Sydney. There are many places that you can buy Christmas stuff. The Christmas period comes with a shopping frenzy. One of the most interesting shopping events in Sydney is the 36-hour Seafood Marathon in Sydney markets. You can take time to participate in this marathon as retailers remain open for 36 hours to allow people stock up on seafood. There will be plenty of fresh delicious seafood. You can also shop for stuff at the Very Merry Christmas markets at the Rocks. Another Christmas market you can visit is the Carriageworks Christmas Market in Eveleigh. You are bound to find some interesting and exciting Christmas items in these markets.

3. Christmas Wonderland

Every year, during Christmas period, there is a Christmas Wonderland at the Sydney Showground. Visitors get to enjoy an unmissable Christmas extravaganza. You can have so much fun ice skating on the rink or play with snow in the snow play area. You can have snow ball fights or make snowmen. There is also a Christmas village you can explore as well as the Candy Cane Lane. You can also enjoy a magical Christmas stage show.

4. Hit the Beach

Over Christmas, many people go down to the beach to have a good time. Bondi beach is one of the favorites for beach goers. You will really enjoy the party atmosphere on this beach. You can even take the Bondi to Manly Walk and link between two great beaches.

5. Visit Sydney’s Secret Gardens

It can be magical taking a stroll in a garden. Sydney has several beautiful gardens with breathtaking sceneries. You can visit Wendy’s secret garden in Lavender Bay, Lex and Ruby’s garden in Cremorne Reserve, Lisgar gardens in Hornsby, and Swain gardens in Killara. These gardens offer a serene environment that is both calming and refreshing. You can reconnect with nature in the gardens or enjoy a romantic stroll or even have a picnic. Some sights in these gardens include waterfalls, streams, sculptures and a variety of flora and fauna.

6. Fun at the Lunar Park Sydney

The Lunar Park is one of the classic attractions of Sydney. You will get to enjoy rides as well as other vaudeville thrills. The park also gives you picturesque views of the harbor. You can have spinning rides or go on the Ferris Wheel. The Lunar Park is a great choice for adrenaline-filled activities, especially if you have children. It is such a beehive of fun activities that it would be hard to forget the experience. You can also enjoy some tasty snacks while there.

7. Viewing of the City from Atop the Harbor Bridge

The views in Sydney can be breathtaking. You can get awesome views of the city by visiting some high points that allow you to have a magnificent view of the city. A perfect place to enjoy the city’s view is the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The bridge is the fourth longest single span steel arch bridge in the world. While the height can be scary for some, it is thrilling. The views are magnificent and they are coupled with fascinating insights by the guides about the bridge. If you are worried about your safety, there is special gear for every bridge climber. You will have to use the harness if you are to climb the bridge. Thus, there are necessary precautions. You also have a guide with you throughout the climb.

8. Trips and Tours Around Sydney

Day trips can be a good idea while in Sydney. There are many places that you can visit that will be both exciting and educative. Sometimes choosing the places to visit can become overwhelming. You can visit a Christmas blog such as Schmidt Christmas Market for information about some of the places you can visit. If you are an animal love, you can visit the Wild Life Sydney Zoo, Sydney Aquarium, or the Taronga zoo. You will have fun interacting with several of the Australian wild life in these places. The Shark Valley, Bay of Rays, Japanese Spider Crabs and the Great Barrier Reef exhibit are some of the attractions at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. There are so many marvelous aquatic animals that you will be able to see at the aquarium that will make the visit worth the time. The zoos have a wide range of animals.

9. Visits to Museums

Museums are fascinating places to visit. They offer the history and culture of a given city and surrounding areas. They are places from which you can learn a lot. There are several museums that you can visit while in Sidney. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Arts to enjoy a range of artistic works. Take time to go through the galleries and the exhibitions there. The museum also has a rooftop café and sculpture terrace that you can visit and enjoy the ambience. Other than the art, you can get a lot of educational content at the high-tech education center.

You can also visit the Art Gallery of New South Wales, where you can enjoy artwork from various contemporary artists. In particular, you will find some interesting art from Japanese artists.

10. Christmas Events

Nothing beats attending Christmas events over the Christmas period. The mood is usually merry and joyful. Christmas events are usually full of entertainment. Sydney is home to some of the most exciting Christmas events. You can enjoy Christmas in the City in the streets around Pitt Street Mall. Here, you will enjoy a lot of music from different choirs. You can also attend the Woolworths Christmas Carols concert where entrance is free. There is a wide range of other events from which to choose the ones that you fancy.
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Different sources suggest different activities in Sydney over Christmas. You may find suggestions from a Christmas blog about what you can do. However, despite the wide range of activities, not all will be fun for you. To really enjoy your Christmas in Sidney, you will have to choose those activities that you find exciting.
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