Finding The Holiday Spirit While Abroad In Israel: The Tourists Guide To The Happiest Time Of The Year In The Holy Land

Finding The Holiday Spirit While Abroad In Israel: The Tourists Guide To The Happiest Time Of The Year In The Holy Land

Finding The Holiday Spirit While Abroad In Israel: The Tourists Guide To The Happiest Time Of The Year In The Holy Land

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Finding The Holiday Spirit While Abroad In Israel: The Tourists Guide To The Happiest Time Of The Year In The Holy Land

The  Schmidt Christmas Market brings together experts and artisans from all areas of expertise to join together in festivity and celebration of the Christmas spirit.

The Christmas spirit is shared by all who enjoy this fine holiday, December 25, every year.


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Christmas Decor is not the only thing you should pay attention to in December. See if you can go out and experience more of the world.
Many people have only ever spent the holidays in one place, at home in their hometowns.

If the thought of a dull Christmas seems like it is even a remote possibility, you should consider traveling for Christmas this year. There is a lot more to do abroad over the holidays that still allows you to partake in the holiday spirit than you realize.

Let's take a look at the number one most underrated holiday travel destination in the world, the birthplace of Jesus himself, Israel.

The 10 Most Important Things To Experience While In The Holy Land Over Christmas This Year

Thanks to our proceeds from Christmas Decor donations, Schmidt Christmas Market is proud to present a collection of 10 awe-inspiring experiences that you and your family can enjoy while on the sands of Israel for the holidays.

If you've never seen Israel at Christmas, it's hard to comprehend the sheer effervescence of the country's holiday spirit.

Let's not have you burst with anticipation. Buckle up and let's begin.

1. Visit Bethlehem To Experience Christmas Carols In Their Place Of Origin

Bethlehem is one of the most widely known cities in the world. Its popularity is at least partially thanks to its prevalence in the world's most commonly sold book: the Bible.

There are plenty of things to see within the confines of the "Original" biblical city over the holidays, especially for those who have never gotten to visit the original holy land.

Nestled within the enclaves of the city's historic district is the original Church of the Nativity. You can find a 14 pointed star in that place, which legend says points to the exact spot the Messiah was brought to this earth.

As if this magnificent site was not enough, you'll also be able to catch sing-along Christmas Carol singers in the world-famous Manger Square near the church of St. Catherine.

Feel free to stop by and join them. Just make sure you are fluent in Latin before you get there.

2. Visit Jesus's Hometown Of Nazareth In Person
Most people are familiar with Christmas, but surprisingly there are more who are unfamiliar with the holidays' origins: the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The city of Nazareth is an incredible experience for those who enjoy festivities, friendly people, and lively music. Please go and see where it all truly began.iit is one of the few things no one should miss out on experiencing at least once in their life.

3. Experience The Christmas Equivalent Of Halloween By Knocking On Doors To Exchange Good Tidings

If you are only accustomed to cultural traditions in the United States, knocking on stranger doors may seem like it is only acceptable if you ask for sugar, or if it happens to be Halloween, you could also ask for candy.

Other parts of the world have different standards for these kinds of behaviors.

On Christmas in Israel, you will see neighbors go door-to-door to exchange good tidings with neighbors and community members. It is considered an essential and sacred part of the holidays for their people over there.

4. See The Old City Of Jerusalem In Person
If you happen to see the city of Bethlehem, you should also see Jerusalem's Old City. Since it is fewer than 10 km away, it's super close when you are already in the area to see Bethlehem.

5. Tour The Church Of The Holy Sepulcher

It's worth visiting Israel over Christmas just to see the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Throw in all of the city's many other amazing historical sites; suddenly, it is hard to leave without feeling inspired and full of the holiday spirit.

6. Taste Tests The Myriad Of Christmas Street Vendors
While in the United States, most food sold on the go is done through "traditional" fast food drive-through restaurants.

Ignoring the irony that these restaurants have only been around for a little over 50 years, these same patterns are not seen in Israel. Over there, street vendors are the go-to for most of the nation's population.

Throughout Israel's major cities, you will find the streets littered with vendors who sell food at prices that would be considered shockingly inexpensive back home.

During this particular time of year, most cities' food vendors have their traditions for specific styles of holiday foods they only sale for a limited time.

If you happen to catch one, it's a must-have delicacy. Stop by just to say that you have if the opportunity arises. They are scrumptious.

7. Get In The Spirit And The Holiday Of Holidays Festival
Of course, Israel is the home of the Jewish people who do not always celebrate Christmas.

They have their all-in holiday around the same time of year called Hanukkah that shares some similarities but is ultimately different in its origin and purpose.

Each year over Christmas the observers of both Christmas and Hanukkah come together in one of the world's most joyous festivals: The Holiday Of Holidays Festival.

It's one of the world's premier multicultural holiday experiences for people that like to experience multiple cultures' traditions. In this event, the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim people all come together to create a festival that signifies the harmony between faiths.

It also highlights the importance of cooperation between all different people and belief systems of the region.

The festival is the most active after the end of the week throughout the final month of the year. You should go and see what all of the hype is about for yourself while visiting.

8. See The New Annual International Jerusalem Ice Festival
Most traditions happen to have long and storied histories older than those following them.

The new annual International Jerusalem ice Festival may only be four years old, but it is already increasing in popularity among the nation's youngest generation.

Since the tradition is so young, there are subtle variations from year to year; the general idea always remains the same.

Professional ice sculptors travel to the area to create an immersive experience by creating themed ice sculptures in a winter wonderland setting over the holiday season.

Making The Most Of The Holidays In Israel

Ask yourself a question and see what your subconscious mind sends back to you in response.

What is the essence of the holidays?

If you answered "being at home surrounded by those you love," you are close to the mark but just off the bull' s-eye. The most important part of the holidays is love and family. However, there is nothing location-specific about it.

If you have not gone to see Israel firsthand yet, especially over the holidays, move it to the top of your priority list immediately. Anything else can wait; we are sure that your boss and family will understand.

Better yet, surprise them with tickets for Christmas. Then you can have them tag along with you on your holiday pilgrimage this year.


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