Fun for the Whole Family During the Holidays

Fun for the Whole Family During the Holidays

Fun for the Whole Family During the Holidays

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Fun for the Whole Family During the Holiidays
The winter months and the chill that goes with them can only mean one thing - it is the perfect time to engage the whole family in fun adventures meant to celebrate the spirit of the season. There are, of course, the old stand-bys like caroling or drinking cocoa in front of a roaring fire, but if you want a more creative and updated activity for your family, why don't you try out one of these suggestions? For everything you need to make your holidays bright and cheerful, visit our Christmas store.

1. Mark the Passing Days With an Advent Calendar

Finding the small gifts within an advent calendar can be fun for everyone if you make it into a little event. Have a rotating schedule of the day's gift receiver and use this opportunity to talk about Christmas plans, traditions and stories. This can be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the holiday season by getting closer to the members of your family. You can find the perfect calendar to match the style of your family in the handy Schmidt Christmas Market. This would be a great tradition to start, opening an advent calendar for years to come.

2. Decorate a Gingerbread House

Nothing seems to evoke the charming scents and flavors of this season quite like a structure constructed from gingerbread. In addition to being a treat that just about everyone can enjoy, building and decorating a gingerbread house of your very own is enriching creatively. You can use an activity like this one to strengthen the bonds between family members by agreeing on things like a color scheme or which candies to use as decorations. By far the best part of this process is that after a few days of display, you get to eat the whole thing. Eating a gingerbread house can be as much of a team building exercise as can building one.

3. Design the Layout for Your Christmas Village

In much the same way as building a gingerbread house can be, deciding on the most appropriate layout for your collection of Christmas Village structures can be a great tool to use the creativity of your family members. In addition to the fun you can have working on construction of your Christmas village, going to a Christmas Market to see the structures they have available can be a fun shopping excursion. Building a Christmas Village as a hobby is an activity that offers so many ways to have fun.

4. Have a Movie and Cocoa Pajama Party

The frigid winter air is the perfect excuse to get all bundled up in your pajamas and just relax in front of a movie with a warm drink and your favorite snacks. Be sure to choose a film that has an appropriate rating for all the members of your family. Making the snacks can also be fun for a wintertime movie night. Of course you can go out and buy everyone's favorites, but you can also make homemade treats to really show everyone how much you care about them.

5. Cook the Perfect Meal

The Christmas meal. It is the one big meal out of the year that we really care about. The popularity of the Christmas goose rivals even that of the Thanksgiving turkey. Make your mealtime into an experience over which the members f your family can bond and get closer. Decide together on the dishes that you will serve, as well as the guest list. Make grocery shopping into a group activity to include everyone, and make preparation of the dishes involve everyone pitching in to make it the best that it can be. As for who gets to be in charge of the clean-up, we'll let you decide.

6. Decorate Some Ornaments for Your Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is not about the sleekest design or most fashionable decor pieces. Rather, it is about the pieces that hold the most sentimental value and are thus dearer to us. These decorations are often handmade, with the labor that went into it and the creativity used on clear display. Decorate some raw wood ornaments from the Schmidt Christmas Market with the members of your family, each person having final say in how it looks. Display your new ornaments in a place of pride, for they will quickly become heirlooms.

7. Decorate Holiday Cookies

Cookies that are rolled and cut out can be made in just about any shape you desire, and decorated with royal icing in any color to look as you desire. The fun process that is decorating these small, sweet bundles of Christmas joy is something that you should share with your whole household. Mixing colors for the perfect shade of icing is a great lesson to teach about color theory to young learners, and you get a plateful of beautifully decorated celebrations of the season when you are done. Have a contest to see who can create the most beautiful cookie, with more cookies as their prize.

8. Take a Walk in the Brisk Temperature

Yes, we know that this weather is more suitable to staying inside, wearing many layers and relaxing, but a brisk walk on a day with a bracing temperature is often exactly what you needed. Be sure to bundle up warm, and have a fun destination at the end of your walk, like a film for your family to enjoy or a place where they can get a nice meal. If you reward your family at the end of a strenuous day, they are more likely to remember the event fondly.

9. Create a Storm of Paper Snowflakes

Just as each snowflake is individual, they are beautiful. Cut out a plethora of paper snowflakes to rain down your windows, your walls, even the inside of your car. You can look for inspiration at your local Christmas store, but the most unique and stunning snowflakes come with no planning or design process in sight.

Celebrate the holiday season with some sweet treats, some creativity and a whole lot of family bonding. Attend a Christmas market to really get in the spirit and do everything with a joyful spirit.
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