How To Decorate the outside of your house for Christmas

How To Decorate the outside of your house for Christmas

How To Decorate the outside of your house for Christmas

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Many people remember to decorate and make the interior of their houses beautiful. But seldom do we remember to furnish the exterior and make it as stunning as inside. However, that's not the best way to make a beautiful home for a family and guests.

The exterior of any home can create a warm welcome for visitors. It is what everyone visiting a home interacts with first, and that creates a lasting impression. Therefore, it is essential to ensure it is clean, well-organized, and visitor-friendly.

Whether it is Christmas or any other time of the year, we need to decorate our compounds. Keeping a festive mood in a home makes it a desirable place where anyone wishes to spend time. As mentioned, first impressions count, and a festive welcome to a home can leave visitors with lasting memories.

The baffling chore about decorating the outdoors of a home is finding the best ideas. Unlike the interior, outdoor decorations can be a headache to many homeowners. But this article has the most straightforward ways on how to decorate and change the exterior of homes.

Keep reading to find out more.

Where do you begin?

There are a few things that homeowners need to do when starting with outdoor decorations. Preparation is key to any home décor plans. Here are two essential things to remember when kicking off outdoor decorations for any home.

• Pick a Theme

Picking a theme and running with it throughout the entire process is a great idea. It is worth noting that the theme guides the entire process and determines the outcome. There is a massive variety of themes that homeowners can consider depending on what they love.

For instance, Japanese and English themes are the most common. An English theme may usually include a fire pit made from cobblestones bringing the countryside feel home. On the other hand, Japanese themes can feature trickling fountains, bamboo fences, or stone footpaths.

In general, a theme should reflect the homeowner's sense of style. It should show what they love most and bring the feeling they desire into their compound. It brings a sense of taking a journey, and everyone is free to pick cues from different cultures or countries.

• Consider Your Assets

Remember to look at the assets in a home when planning outdoor decorations. As experts say, every outdoor space has its strengths and, of course, weaknesses. Therefore, it is all about how the homeowner embraces what they have to achieve their décor needs.

The most significant step towards that is acceptance of what's available. If working on a budget, remember that anything can be a power spot to work around and beautify the home. The main task is to find this spot and add the right accessories to beautify it.

Maybe the compound has a naturally quiet and green place perfect for gathering. A homeowner can place a bench there and build a footpath leading to it. Someone else may decide to work with a balcony and create an inviting space with comfortable furniture and a great view.

Taking time to think about these two factors can help create a perfect outdoor space. With a theme reflecting style and a focal point to work around, creating a beautiful outdoor space becomes more leisurely. It also helps the homeowner make their home desirable and welcoming.

Tips for creating a unique outdoor space

The outdoor space of any home should feel like an extension of the interior. The family or guests should feel comfortable spending time outdoors and experiencing nature. But then, achieving such a setting has never been an easy process for any homeowner.

Creating such a space requires the use of attractive and weather-resistant but often pricy furnishings. Most homeowners, however, save a lot of money using simple DIY decorations. The following tips can help anyone create the kind of outdoor setting they desire. Read on to find out how to create such a space.

1. Decorate the front door

There're so many ways to play with the entrance and make it look perfect. Remember, this is the point through which everyone gets into your home. Therefore, every homeowner needs to bring a festive feel to the front door to keep guests coming and family happy to be home.

A frosted pine-cone wreath is one of the best accessories to add to the front door. It makes a statement and brings out the style and overall theme of a home. Besides that, there're many other accessories to consider and no limits to what's available to try.

The more explorations one makes, the better the outcome. For instance, it is always essential to bring in a sense of greenery to the front door. The best thing about green plants is that they fit any door and bring an extra touch of festive glamour perfect for every home.

2. Light up a pathway

Exterior lighting is as important as the interior lighting of any home. Pathway lights are necessary for any outdoor space as they're beautiful and inviting, especially at night. Every homeowner needs lighting that fits their outdoor space and style. It's not only good for their physical but also mental health.

There is a wide variety of pathway lighting designs to choose from like every other home décor. For instance, one may consider fairy lighting if they want to bring a whimsical atmosphere home. This design can be as easy as lining pathways with globes stuck into the ground and displaying their beauty at night.

Stately and stylish lighting can also be perfect for any home. It involves hiding lights among the flowers, a design that will leave everyone admiring the home. Lastly, a rustic cabin design that uses lights designed to look like lanterns placed strategically. That will bring out the beauty of any home perfectly.

3. Decorate the fence

Fences often get overlooked when decorating homes. A fence is part of the outdoor space and thus deserve proper decoration to look beautiful. Like any other part of a home, there're several fence decorations tips, and here are a few noteworthy ones.

• Try String Art

String art is one of the cutest ideas that homeowners can use. Given that the environment outdoors may be unfriendly, sometimes, string art requires high-quality materials - robust and less fragile ones will work best. It also requires a lovely message for guests coming in or enjoying their time outdoors in the home.

• Use Old Wall Plates

Wall plates placed on a fence can be a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Vintage plates often match any décor and theme and are worth considering here. Get the old pieces out of those and use them to decorate and beautify the fence.

• Add Moss Graffiti

Want to try something unique? Well, many homeowners are yet to exploit moss graffiti. It can be a beautiful decor for any fence and home. With different designs and patterns to explore, there's no limitation to what anyone can do with it.

• Implement living walls

Living walls add character whenever they are, and a fence can be a great place to have one. The best thing about them is how they match with the ground and any existing décor. A green fence can be the most beautiful thing that guests admire before getting into the home.

Those are some of the best fence decor ideas to explore. A well-decorated fence can make the outdoors an excellent place to spend time. There're more design ideas to explore on fence decor as long as it makes the compound beautiful and admirable.

4. Decorate the walls

Decorating walls from the exterior make a home look beautiful. To create a lovely outdoor space, take exterior painting as seriously as interior painting. Some of the options to consider when decorating walls include;

• Hanging Wall Paintings

Wall art can make the outdoors of any home look unique and desirable. It could be a painting or anything else that the homeowner finds suitable for their space. Wall art usually holds particular messages to the owners, making it even more than a decoration.

• Using Spray Paint

Using spray paint is one of the best DIY for wall decorations. Working with spray paints is very simple and will make a home look cozy. Besides, it allows the homeowner to explore several options and colours to follow their specific style and overall theme, making it match the home décor.

• Recycle old items

Old items are gold when it comes to outdoor decorations. Instead of throwing them away, there're ways to turn them into admirable decorations. For instance, someone can paint and mount old windows that they should have otherwise disposed of on walls. They can also hang flowers to make them look even better, and guests will think they're genuine windows from a distance.

• Maintain a rustic look.

This approach can be similar to recycling as a rustic look often requires old items. The best thing about it is its charming character that will beautify any outdoor space. Homeowners can use several materials to achieve this look, including metal bars and an exposed brick wall.

• Using vertical succulent gardens

Vertical gardens look beautiful on the outdoor walls of any home. They are easy to set up and require minimal maintenance. All that the owner needs to do is water them like any other plant. Besides, they're easy to take down, especially when it begins to get cold outdoors.

• Installing Simple Frames

Frames have an unexplainable visual impact on outdoor walls. Their usage is a fresh idea that only a few homeowners have copied and thus unique. They're easy to apply because of their simplicity and little to no maintenance. Owners may also customize them to different shapes without investing a lot of time and money.

• Using Garden Horses

Garden horses can do more than just transport water. They're unique and beautiful decorations that homeowners need to think about when decorating these spaces. Installing them on walls near an outdoor sitting area makes the space look beautiful, cheerful, and fresh.

• Hang a Birdhouse

For bird lovers, this is one of the best ways to decorate their exterior walls. Hanging a birdhouse isn't only beautiful but also unique. The thought of birds around a home is interesting by itself. Outdoor decorations require creativity, and this could be one of the most creative ideas.

5. Wrap fairy light around a bush

A flower bush can offer a great place to decorate a home. Well-trimmed flower bushes by themselves add tremendous value to outdoor beauty. That makes them familiar with almost every home, and thus, this outdoor decorative idea could be easier to implement.

Battery-powered fairy lights make home interiors beautiful. But then, they can be perfect choices for outdoor decor too. A property owner only needs a bush outside their home and fairy lights to light it up at night.

These twinkling lights will leave people admiring any home. It also adds an element of fun to a home, making it guest and family-friendly. Lighting the exterior of a home also makes it easy for people to spend summer nights outdoors holding family gatherings.

6. De-Electrify a Chandelier for Outdoor Use

Chandeliers make the interior spaces of our homes beautiful and welcoming. But then, that doesn't mean they cannot work if transferred to outdoor spaces. Besides lighting rooms, a homeowner can de-electrify one and have it hanging outdoors.

The best thing about having a chandelier outdoors is its uniqueness. With many people used to seeing them indoors, it will be an exciting thing for guests. However, it is essential to know what kind of chandelier will be fit for outdoor use.

The first thing to remember is the ever-changing weather, which could affect it. That requires a high-quality chandelier constructed from sturdy materials. Heavy-duty items last longer when put outdoors as they can withstand harsh weather and keep a home shining for long.

Installing a chandelier outdoors doesn't require any technical knowledge. It is also inexpensive and straightforward if the homeowner already has one in their home. There's no harm in letting it glow outdoors at night if there're ways to power it from the home.

An outdoor chandelier can be an excellent festive décor idea. It can also stay outdoors all year round and keep the home shiny and attractive. Having one outdoors is the best way to invite a household's charm and warmth, thus a great decoration.

7. Upgrade the plastic house numbers sign

The exterior of a home includes much more than we can quickly notice. One of the most unnoticeable things is the plastic home numbers sign. We often leave it looking old, but that detracts more from our homes than we may think.

It is, therefore, necessary to upgrade it and ensure it looks beautiful. Homeowners need not go cheap on small details like plastic home numbers but find the best for their homes. A good-looking sign changes the first impression anyone has about a home.

There're various things to look at in regards to the home number sign. First is the style in regards to the overall style of the home. Having an old rugged sign installed on a new wall or building messes up the whole thing. A new building needs a new sign to look beautiful and inviting to guests.

Another thing to look at is the lighting for the home number sign. It is essential to ensure that the sign displays well and anyone can read it even at night. Placing it under a light makes reading it more manageable, especially for guests visiting a home for the first time.

8. Use Custom Signs

Christmas brings with it many goodies, and top of the list is guests. With many people coming into our homes, using custom outdoor signs to guide them within our compounds can be a great idea. It makes it easy for them to move around and adds some character to outdoor spaces.

For instance, an outdoor sign that's written 'gather' can get placed where visitors can relax and enjoy some time outdoors. The owner can place a bench and make the place as comfortable as possible. The sign placed on a wall or fence above the bench will help guests get there without any problem.

When making custom signs, ensure they're modern and beautiful. Pick exciting fonts and colours that will also match the home decor easily. Signs make powerful statements and also communicate the host's values. It's, therefore, an excellent way to welcome people to a home and make them comfortable.

Anyone can make a sign, meaning it's inexpensive and easy to have anywhere. But then, having a good sign requires skills that not every homeowner has. Hiring a professional artist to create a beautiful sign is a great idea that will help save time and money.

9. Extend the living area

Another way to create a perfect outdoor space is by making a mini-living area. Here, the owner needs to focus much on making their guests comfortable outdoors just like inside the home. It begins with placing a chair anywhere within the comfortable.

It should be under a shade to give guests quality time even with the hot sun. Besides, there should be additional accessories to make it as comfortable as possible. For instance, one may think about having very comfortable cushions on the outdoor chair.

When implementing such an idea, focus on the quality of the material. The cushions need to be water-resistant to work correctly. The ever-changing weather can mess up this area if the owner doesn't have the right material.

A cozy chair placed under a shade can be a significant extension of the living room. Owners can take creativity to the next level and have a bit of entertainment for their guests. An extended living room gives someone an unconfined place to sit and enjoy their time.

10. Make an end table

End tables are essential for every outdoor space. However, people seldom think about having them as they look simple to everyone. But an outdoor space without such a table is incomplete, so homeowners need to think about having one.

It isn't very welcoming for visitors who love sitting outdoors to place their drinks on the ground. A simple DIY end table can save anyone from embarrassment. It requires simple items to set up and can serve multiple purposes besides offering guests space to place their drinks.

For instance, an end table can also serve as a flower holder. If it is big enough, there's no need to remove the flower pot for the visitors to use it. Place the pot in the middle and leave enough space on the sides for drinks. Guests will enjoy the sweet scent of flowers as they have time outdoors.

As mentioned, this is a DIY project that anyone can set up in minutes. The items required to make it possible include, among others, a simple wire basket. Setting it up will help solve the outdoor table problem and add some beauty to the outdoor space.

11. Use a wine bottle

Many people throw out a wine bottle after finishing the contents. But these bottles can be incredible outdoor decorations for any home. They're inexpensive and most readily available to place outdoors and transform these spaces at any time, making them an excellent choice for outdoor decorations.

With these bottles coming in various colours, they'll add some beauty to space for sure. Find the right colour mix with the existing décor and place them strategically within the compound. It could be best to have them near sitting areas to make it beautiful.

Interestingly, wine bottles can also help light up the place at night. They also help keep bugs away from the sitting area, making guests comfortable. Other homeowners use wine bottles as beautiful outdoor flower vases and mount them on walls or fences.

As seen above, wine bottles can serve a variety of purposes. The homeowner only needs to get creative and find ways to use the bottles properly. They also need to clamp the bottles at the right places and conditions to make them last longer.

Think Outside the Box When Choosing Accessories

As mentioned earlier, there's no limitation to what homeowners can do regarding outdoor decor. Decorations installed during Christmas need not get brought down. Keeping them all year round keeps the festive mood within the house.

When choosing accessories, focus on being unique and creative. Most of the ideas mentioned in this article are fresh and less exploited. That helps to bring a different feel from what people can resonate with easily. Homeowners need such ideas to make beautiful outdoor spaces.

For instance, going with old items to attain a rustic look or even using garden horses is a creative way to decorate outdoor spaces. Deciding what to use majorly depends on the owner's home needs and choice of colour or theme.

Homeowners can feel free to implement any of the ideas we have shared in this article. Every idea mentioned here uses locally available items, making them all inexpensive. Besides, they do not require any technical knowledge for homeowners to put in place. Decorating outdoor spaces has never been easier.

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