How to decorate your the inside of your house for Christmas

How to decorate your the inside of your house for Christmas

How to decorate your the inside of your house for Christmas

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For Christmas enthusiasts the holiday decorating begins way before the holiday is being advertised. They come in all types, from those folks with a tree up all year long to those who begin to shop for gifts and decorations in August. This is an ultimate guide with special concentration on decorating to match your thought process and to help you think and plan your decorating so it reflects you 100%.


Let’s begin with the planning phase which will determine the success of the event and how much joy you get out of it. More than once we’ve heard that those who love Christmas decorations don’t always love the process. So, we thought we’d take you through a reminder of planning your indoor décor that fits you and your style and personality.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to plan this phase go seamlessly.

Are you a traditionalist or are you on the edgy side?

Do you like themes?

Are you sensitive to smells in the house?

Are you restricted regarding space?

Do you have a restricted budget this year?

Are you creative? Would you consider creating your own decorations?

Is your house large but your budget small?

Are you the type that changes all the décor including kitchen towels and bathroom to theme?

Do you love holiday décor but hate the cleanup after?

Will it just be you and the family, just you or pets and many people?

These are the top ten questions to ask to make sure that your Christmas decorations indoors can bring you joy and not unexpected annoyance next holiday season. Especially if you like to leave it all up until after New Year and start decorating after Thanks Giving or prior. If you notice, you may have an image in your mind that may or may not match reality so answering the aforementioned questions first can save you time, money and effort and allow you to sit back and enjoy the decorating!

Now that you know who you are and what you like, you can safely browse the next section for the suggestions that match you and your personality.

For the indoor décor let’s start with the key event: the tree. When you walk up the drive, many outdoor decorations are seen and unique to every home. The main decoration inside is the tree. Starting with that can help you determine what else and in what theme to do the rest of the interior.

If you answered yes to are you a crafty person and have creative ability, why don’t you create your own tree topper? You can even go as far as getting the family and friends in on what it should be. Unbox it every year and create your own tradition! That’s one step further than the next suggestion. Aren’t you excited to know? First, let’s explore some options for the topper.

Sparkly toppers made from tinsel or cardboard and glitter. These are just suggestions, if you want to use other materials then do so. Can you wood work? Create a star or another shape from wood and paint it. One of the most popular ways is going to the dollar store or local craft shop and picking up some twisty sticks in silver or gold, red or green or whatever colors your theme tree has. Wrap a good number of them together and space out the sticks until they look like a star spray.

If this is way too much work for you but you want something unique, use an angel instead of a star. Followed by smaller angel ornaments like a large angel at the top and baby angle cherubs around the whole tree. You can buy them online already strung in some places or you can make your own out of paper and twisty sticks. There are many angel making tutorials online that take no ability and no time at all. Get the family or friends into it and make it a tradition.

Original Ornaments:

Ornaments have become quite unique over the years. You can be highly creative with this too. The traditional balls and lights are great but if you want to Jazz up your tree why not make bows and use beads to take the place of tinsel and traditional balls? This with some paper angels makes a tree look light and airy and very classy but out of the ordinary.

Be Practical and Not Temporary:

There’s nothing like the temporary beauty of cut flowers and real pine wreaths. The pine cones are the only things that are fresh out of nature that will last on that decoration. You’ll have more chance at lasting beauty if you use material that doesn’t rot or turn brown.

Even if your tree is real, you can make a pine code wreath with no pine needles that fall, turn brown and hurt when your foot finds them in the carpet or floor. If you want color, then splurge on the ribbon. If you want more holiday color, you can spray paint and glitter your pine cones. Hint, if you don’t want glitter falling everywhere, then use Elmer's Glitter Glue and a paintbrush. It won’t move and you can use it for years to come.

Do the same for all the centerpieces you have they’ll last and you won’t have issues packing and unpacking them year after year. Hint: make wreaths like you would hang on the doors and place them on the dining room tables with a pillar candle and holder in the center. For this, use the same material as the sap from pine needles is not only messy and sticky but buggy and turns brown. Not to mention it’s flammable and who wants to put out fires on the table top!

Types of Indoor Wreaths:

As we just discussed, wreaths are a great indoor décor idea that is used from room to room. They can fit all budgets and we can make them from the same or different materials from room to room and from purpose to purpose.

Natural Looking Wreaths:

The materials used can be natural, we would just skip the real pine needles. You can get realistic looking ones at a craft or dollar store and they are at least 5 to 6 feet long so you won’t have to spend much there.


This is a great tool for in-between as a filler for any style wreath and centerpiece.

Geo Mesh:

Geo Mesh is a popular material that is colorful and glitzy and stiff. Tutorials are everywhere and you can make a simple push through Geo Mesh Wreath in 30 minutes as a beginner. There are multiple ideas you can find on YouTube and Pinterest right now and have a blast!

Accent your Favorite Showpiece:

This is an idea that will serve any budget and is the easiest to do. You decide exactly how it’s done because some folks have an expensive collection in their home. Safety and preservation first. Here are the suggestions and examples to get your creative mind flowing.

Do you have a favorite glass, mercury glass, blue glass, dish wear, or curio? Place some pine cones and or Poinsettia flowers and leaves in them at the mouth of a vase, cup or pitcher or laying across a flat piece. These aren’t pieces you use for dinner they are simply for show.

Dust them off or shine them and place these holiday objects on them. A little faux mistletoe is a fantastic garnish to add to your collection. Not for food plates, it’s poisonous, but just for show it will draw the eye right to it and create a holiday conversation piece, not to mention a very inexpensive indoor decoration.

You can also accent around and in between the collection. Place small empty gift boxes with red ribbon and some red and or green plastic or glass beaded holiday trim.

Look up! There’s More.

Now that you have trimmed the tree and you’ve got the indoor wreaths and centerpieces done, we can go top to bottom now. Why? Hint: Just as you would clean a home properly, you would apply the same rule to this type of décor. Start at the top and middle and work your way down. Remember this rule as you use this post as a guide and start at the top and work your way down. Easier to clean tables and floors if you don’t have to go around more decorations. For example, don’t lay the decorative rug down and then have to clean glitter, ribbon frays and pine needles from it.

Decorating Light Fixtures and Banisters:

If you have stairs, you may want to decorate the banisters with some lovely faux garland and or tinsel. Wrap it around tightly and make certain anything you place on the side of the stairs or on the garland won’t become a safety hazard.

Light Fixtures:

Again, do this with care. Place no garland or anything for that matter where wires are exposed or hot light bulbs. The most ideal lighting to decorate with garland, ribbon, and beading are hanging chandelier types. There are many shapes and sizes, but the more stuff on them the better to be able to drape the décor correctly. There are lantern style and the old-fashioned Southern Georgian style and those gas lamp styles. Anything with a lampshade can delicately drape with trim, just not over the open part above the lightbulb.

Get them as they enter!

No matter where you or your guests enter the house, this is how to wow them! Make sure you create something that’s homey and inviting. Place ornaments or holiday village pieces on or in something like display boxes that have 12 alcove shelves in them. If you already have shelving then use that or a breakfront or table. This can be inexpensively done.

Create your own faux mini trees to place in these areas even on the floor, depending on how tall they are. This is another fantastic, long lasting and inexpensive way to decorate. You can place them at the entrance and in hallways, with smaller ones in bathrooms on the floor and sink tops. They can even pair very well with the centerpiece wreaths we mentioned before.

How to Make a Faux Mini Tree:

Go to a dollar store or a craft shop or buy online, which is probably always your best bet for value. Purchase green or white if they have no green, this is best for plant looking décor Styrofoam. Choose silk or plastic flowers and greenery and stick them in; however, you can and should go for it creatively. Ribbons and other styles. Google Edwardian and Victorian trees and décor and you could just go wild with ideas.

Stocking Stuffing Surprises!

Stockings typically get stuffed with small gifts for family and friends and hung on a mantle of some sort. Why not get really creative? Stuff them with paper or cloth half way up then, stuff the rest with faux goodies like empty gift boxes and candy canes, allow some garland, pine cones and ribbon to spill out of them. You can tape them or make a solid one piece and glue them together and slip the creative cluster into the stocking. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. The sky’s the limit, so have fun.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving:

Don’t underestimate the power of the empty gift box. They’re sold at the dollar store or most shops at this time of year or online, already printed with holiday scenes or in holiday colors. The boxes come in multipacks and in multiple sizes.

Hint: Stuff the boxes with some cheap paper or newspaper a bit because those boxes are soft and tend to be a bit flimsy. You don’t want them to be misshapen. Stack them in a nonsymmetrical way and place them beside chairs and in corners of rooms or wherever you see it all happening. This is your project!

You can place big wide ribbon on them or the curly type or get fancy and buy gold and silver metallic wrapping paper and make them really classy and eye-catching. Blue and silver is a magnificent combination. Macy’s department store in New York has used those colors both on some of their trees and holiday ornamentation for decades.

Deck the Walls:

You can interchange certain ideas like the empty stacked boxes. For this suggestion, instead of stacking them, put them in a decorative cluster on the wall. Hint: For this, don’t stuff them with paper Leave them as is, nice and light so they don’t bulge funny or lean off the wall.

Find 4-5 box sizes. Largest, second largest, medium, small and smallest. You can even put some wide ribbon with the wire in it and place that strategically in between the boxes on the wall. Use Command hooks which don’t destroy or put holes in the wall. They also come off with one pull of a tab and no actual damage.

The Main Event:

Apart from the tree, you can create something that represents the main focal point of the home which can save you time and money and still be very effective. The holiday dinner may be the key event because you have a lot of company. Otherwise, it’s only you and family that are in the home with you.

So, if this is the case, you can use the suggestions we made to decorate the entrances and guest bathrooms and then apart from a magnificent tree, you hit the table hard.

You’ve got the wreath centerpieces and the faux trees in the middle of the table on a nice holiday table runner. Now, you need a couple more things to make it picture worthy and you’re in.

Here’s what to do to make the table stand out. Start with the table top and your place settings. Having great looking place settings for the holidays is fantastic but decorative place mats you you can make yourself is a start to making that China really pop.

Find a washable material that has a satin like semi glossy finish. Polyester or brushed cotton will do. Cut to the size of one of your usual place mats and trim with a faux trim of any kind other than any real sappy natural trim and certainly not mistletoe as we mentioned before that is poisonous. Trim it with anything pretty that says holiday around the edges with craft or hot glue, making sure there is plenty of room for the dishes and silver wear.

Next, let’s create some napkin holders. You can buy plain wooden rings at any shop or online for less than $5-$10 max. Take the same glue and trim them. A nice small pine cone which won’t hurt anyone can be glued on the trim you choose to glue on to the ring. Hint: Look for baby pine cones as they won’t yet be pointy and stick your guests.

Add a little ribbon bow to them or some small beads and you are off to a great-looking table. Hint: Some of that Edwardian and Victorian holiday style is great for a table.

Next, let’s get the chairs. These can be done in anything from a complete chair slipcover to a simple tied bow and trim. One suggestion is buying tulle, which is inexpensive and what brides have their veils made from. Take some of that in holiday color or gold and cream for a classy look and cut it long enough to tie and big bulky bow. Or cut it into strips for a thinner bow. In this case, cut it into a thick enough strip to make it gathered together and twist it, then tie a bow. This gives it a fuller look and will hide the edges you cut.

In the case, of the bulky bow, this is done this way because you can secure a spray of faux flowers upside down in the back of each chair.

Deck the Floors!

Finally, we’ve reached all the way to the bottom. We’ve gone from tree to light fixtures to walls, corners, tables and chairs and now we have a naked floor. You want your experience to be complete.

Choose a rug with either holiday print or just red or gold or a combination. We don’t rate green for a throw rug or runner because we think the floor should compliment the rest of your home and be as regal as possible for you and your guests.

Throw rugs and runners, that’s a long rug you place in hallways or from the entryway into the home. They are long rectangular shapes while throw rugs are any shape. The colors are common and you can find them anywhere all year long.

So there you have it. Whether you’re a seasoned holiday decorator or a newbie, you have everything from top to bottom you need to start the ball rolling. Make it traditional or make it your own. The ideas given here are simple and easy to do and suits any budget. They’re interchangeable, which makes them inexpensive and your supplies are reused and go a long way. They’re easy to pack and unpack, and you can even add to them each year. The best thing about it is you don’t have to have any real artistic ability. Just glue, garland of your choice , ribbon, boxes and a little ingenuity.

Don’t be afraid to act on new ideas and change or add to anything here. The important part we’ve given you and that is how to decorate the inside of your home in a logical and structured outline.

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