Meaning Of Christmas Colors Used For Decoration

Meaning Of Christmas Colors Used For Decoration

Meaning Of Christmas Colors Used For Decoration

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Close your eyes for a moment and think about Christmas. What combination of colors pops up first? Do you see different shades of red and green with a shimmer of gold and silver? Maybe you can see navy blue or white. All these Christmas colors are the most common choice when it comes to decoration for this holiday.


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Apart from the fact that they are beautiful, elegant, and festive, these colors have their meaning. In case you don’t know much about the significance of colors, but you enjoy using them as an irreplaceable part of your Christmas decoration, you are on the right place.


Let’s find out more about the meaning of the Christmas colors. 


Green - The Color Of Eternal Life 


The green color is associated with eternal life and mystery.  This belief came even before Jesus Christ was born. The story says that in the winter period while all trees die, only holly bushes stay evergreen. People were amazed by it, and probably thought that it was some kind of magic that helped trees to survive the winter weather. 


That’s why people both worshipped and were scared of evergreen trees at the same time. From that moment the green color came to be the symbol of everlasting, mystery, and it is always associated with life. 


The ancient Romans, who celebrated their god Saturn, on the feast named Saturnalia in December, used holly wreaths as a part of decoration for their home and temples. They used these wreaths to express their desire to see the rebirth of the sun and return of the summer. Once more, the green color was associated with life and rebirth. 


Christians took this meaning of the green color and started to use it as a religious symbol. In the Bible story about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, it was mentioned the appearance of the “Paradise tree”, it was a pine with red apples tied to it. 


Red - The Color of Christ’s Blood and Unconditional Love


Christians believed that green color represents the rebirth of son of God, the same way as they believed that the color red represents his blood and his death. That’s why the combination of green and red became the most popular color combination for Christmas.


People started adding red berries to their green holly wreath to create a powerful analogy of life, death, and rebirth. Also, this color combination is eye-catching, which lead to the great popularity of red and green Christmas decoration. 


Before the red blown glass ornaments we hang on our Christmas tree today, people used to hang red apples on their evergreen trees. This decoration represented the tree of good and evil. Over time, it became a tradition of decorating Christmas trees with red ornaments


Red is also a symbol of Christ’s unconditional love for his people. Son of God came to the world to guide people and teach them equality and understanding. The message is: when the love is unconditional, there would be nothing else but joy and happiness in the entire world, and we must say that  it is such a beautiful message to spread.


White - The Color of Purity And Light 


The white color is spotless, pure, light and sinless just like the soul of Jesus Christ, so white is also associated with the Christian beliefs. For Christians, white is the symbol for purity of one’s soul, and of light overcoming the dark. 


White also represents peace and happiness because it is a color of snow, that is a symbol of the winter period. But there is more about the meaning of the white color. White paper wafers where use in earlier times to decorate paradise trees.


Gold - The Color of Sun and Glorious Gift 


The gold color is associated with sun and lights, and warmness that the sun giving us. But how come it became an important part of the Christmas color palette? The reason is that gold was one of the many presents the three wise men brought to baby Jesus. Also, gold is the color of the star the wise men followed in order to find Jesus. 


Gold also means the gift of eternal life and the giving nature of the Almighty. The fact that God chose Mary, a poor and pleasant woman to be the mother of his son, shows that God treats everyone equally.


Blue - The Color of Royalty


The blue color is associated with Mary, the mother of Christ. In the Middle Ages, blue paint or dye was much more expensive than gold, that’s why this color was only worn by wealthy people or royal families. In order to signify the importance of Mother Mary painter of these times depicted her wearing blue.


Blue is also a color of the sky or night, depends on the shade. That’s why the blue color also represents heaven. 


This is a story about the most popular colors we use for our Christmas decoration, to explore more of the colorful Christmas decorations visit Schmidt Christmas Market


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