Schmidt Christmas Market Christmas Decorations Presents: The Best Christmas Markets In All Of Vienna

Schmidt Christmas Market Christmas Decorations Presents: The Best Christmas Markets In All Of Vienna

Schmidt Christmas Market Christmas Decorations Presents: The Best Christmas Markets In All Of Vienna

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When traveling abroad, it can be difficult to know exactly where you should go and see next, especially when there is such an abundant wealth of activities calling your name, such as the scene you might find when stepping foot onto a Viennese Street.

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Instead of our usual discussions regarding Christmas decor, we are now focused on bringing the best Christmas markets to you. All throughout the city of Vienna during the holiday months, vendors and merchants galore flocked to the city's marketplaces.

Different marketplaces offer a different experience, and you might not have time to check all of them out because there are so many. That is why we have narrowed it down to the top eight Christmas markets we think tourists should check out when they are in Vienna over the holidays.

The Top Eight Viennese Christmas markets

Christmas Decor is only one of the criteria used by Schmidt Christmas Market when ranking this list. We tried to arrange it, so there is a diverse array of marketplace types so you can experience the greatest amount of Vienna possible during these holidays.

The Best marketplace will not be the same for each person, as every person has their own individual tastes and preferences. The best marketplace for you will depend on what you like the most. As you redo less to think about what you feel sounds the most appealing, you can go and check it out as your first stop.

Belvedere Christmas Market

Christmas Décor is not the only thing for sale on the street corners near Belvedere Palace. It is graced with the beautiful architecture of one of the masterpieces of the Baroque period.

The Belvedere Palace is both elegant and imposing as it towers over the marketplace. Over the holidays, you will see beautiful sights and sounds celebrating that wonderful time of year. The marketplace is open from the third week of November until the final day of December. Most locals think of the place as a type of couples getaway spot.

It is a little smaller and infrequently sees fewer people passing through the area daily. If you would love to take a step back into time and relive a Baroque romance, this marketplace is perfect.

Schönbrunn Market

Schönbrunn Palace also has its own marketplace that opens up from the third week of November until the end of the first week of January. It is assessed in the courtyard of one of the Habsburg's most elegant summer palaces.

Many publications around the world have ranked it among the most elegant classical architecture featured in a Christmas marketplace. Tourists love visiting this area over the holidays because all the vendors offer handmade Christmas Decorations, which make great Christmas gifts to take home to your friends and family.

The market's atmosphere is known to be joyous over the holidays, with an abundant glittering of Christmas lights dancing and dazzling your eyes. Go there and see for yourself as you find a little slice of your own winter wonderland.

Am Hof market

It is well known for the delicious homemade wine that they offered to Christmas visitors. This marketplace has been historically traced back to as early as 1358, where medieval peasants traded wine almost exactly the same manner in the present day.

It is frequented by local artisans who hand-make many of their own products and are particularly well-liked among those who enjoy handmade wines. They have an abundance of food options available, so it is great for people that want to delight their pallets.

The Market On Maria-Theresien-Platz

This marketplace has one of the most unique locations out of all the marketplaces featured on this list. That is because it is situated very close to some of the most important museums and other cultural locations in the entire city of Vienna.

There are two grand museums within walking distance of the marketplace if you would like to visit it before or after you come. They are notorious for the abundant food vendors that offered delicious low-priced holiday food staples.

If you have not been there, it is a great place to take the family for an entire day's event. At the end of the day, once the sun has set, you will be dazzled by all of the beautiful Christmas lights strung up and about through the air in the marketplace.

The Market On Stephansplatz

This is one of the most recently added marketplaces over the Christmas holidays found in Vienna. It is perfect for people that want to see the newest things around.

This marketplace may not have as much history as some of the others on this list, but it does not make it any less enjoyable. There is one of the region's most iconic cathedrals right in the middle of the marketplace.

This marketplace dates back to when medieval peasants would gather around the cathedral to open up marketplaces. So even if it is one of the newest Christmas markets, it is still pretty ancient compared to most traditions.

Christmas market on the Freyung

This is a year-round marketplace, but for the most part, it functions simply as an organic farmers market. It transforms itself once the holiday season comes around to become a holiday market.

There is still a cadre of different farmers market vendors situated throughout the area, so if you are trying to pick up some organic animal or produce products while doing some Christmas shopping, it would be hard to find a better place to go in this marketplace right here.

It normally opens during the second week of November and will continue until the third week of December. Inside the center of its market, there is an old medieval church dating back to the 1100s. With such a magnificent history situated right beneath your feet, there is no reason you should not check this out when you are in Vienna next time.

Christmas Market

This Christmas marketplace is the single largest Christmas market and all of Vienna. It has over 150 stalls when it is fully occupied worth of vendors. Most of the vendors sell handmade goods, but many bring all types of items to barter with.

It has a deer place in the tradition and history of Vienna. Official estimates from the country's tourism department state that the marketplace sees at least 4 million visitors each year between its opening at the end of December and Christmas Day.

Take your kids to check it out in person because it is next to one of the most exciting parks in the area of complete with its own Paris will and carousels for people who want a little bit of carnival fun are out.

Michaelerplatz Christmas market

Inside of this market, you will find things that have been dated back all the way to the time of the Romans. Amidst the Roman rooms, you also see the influences of Habsburg architecture from the 18th century. If you love the thought of unique snow globes, this marketplace might be for you with its eclectic history, and it definitely has a thing to show forests.

The palace of the former Habsburg administration is situated right at the entrance of the marketplace. There is also St. Michael's church, which is an 800-year-old historical heritage site. You'll find several different Roman buildings and even a Roman road inside of the marketplace as well.

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They have all kinds of different decorations available for purchase from numerous vendors situated throughout the market. It is a great place to check out the next time you are in Vienna over the holidays.


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