Schmidt Christmas Market Presents A Christmas Travel Special: Branson, Missouri

Schmidt Christmas Market Presents A Christmas Travel Special:  Branson, Missouri

Schmidt Christmas Market Presents A Christmas Travel Special: Branson, Missouri

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One of my all-time favorite places in the United States is Branson, Missouri. I truly hope you will take time to visit this wonderful place.

Branson has something for everyone. My personal favorites are the verity of show and there are many, also traveling around the area and see White River, the wonderful landscape of hills, gorges, the Lake Taney Como, Bull Shoals Table and Table Rock Lake.

If you have time you must visit Silver Dollar City, this is a park which has many small shows were you just stop in and sit down and enjoy a taste of great shows some are a treat for children, and others for the whole family. You can stop in to see a variety of skilled craftsmen and craftswomen exhibiting their trade where you can see the items, they are making from the raw material to the finish product. They are always on site, but during the year the park highlights the different crafts and invite many more craft families to come and display at the park and if this one of your favorites make sure you check the dates they will be there. This was my husband’s favorite. He loved being able to talk with the people about what they use do create the items they were making. His favorite two were the blacksmiths and the glass blowing. All the items they are making are for sale. Visit their web site ( or Monday – Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm phone 417-334-3345.

The Christmas time from November to December 30th Christmas is also favorite time to go to Brandon. The whole town is deck out for Christmas. From decorations, restaurants and the best are the Christmas shows. The variety of shows make it possible for everyone to fine the one to fit them. I do hope you have time to see more than one. You will find shoes for breakfast, lunchtime, and evening shows. Pick you time and check the schedules online. You can then buy you tickets then and pick them up at the front door.

Silver Dollar City has a light show every night, many shows in the park, restaurants including one in a cave.

Branson is one found in the Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri. Branson has two commercial airports: Branson Airport and Branson National Airport. It is also an easy drive for you if you are driving from the central USA.

You can even ride the train round trip to see the exceptional landscape and look died on the river. Branson has Silver Dollar Park with rides for you and your children, shows that are lots of fun, visiting the trout farm, Veteran’s Museum, Titanic Replica Museum entertaining.

Both the town and surrounding It has lots of unique shops, outlet malls and downtown mall where you will find shopping, restaurants right by the river with the mall has a gorgeous water display at night. There are tours by boat and train, great cuisine at all the restaurants around town which includes those were you eat and enjoy a outstanding show at the same time. Branson has musical that you will want to keep coming back so you can take in every one of them. They top notch plays, comedy, and unique entertainment. All worth your time to see at breakfast, lunch, dinner or in the evening. Sounds good, it is.

There is the College of the Ozark were the students work at jobs they are interested in and you can visit to see how well it is for you and the school. The school museum that will surprise all of you. There are tours so you can see all they offer. A wonderful restaurant, hotel close enough to Branson’s shows, shopping, and fun, best of all, friendly people to help you to enjoy your visit.

Branson’s delicious bakeries, restaurants, ice cream parlors, homemade fudge. Grandma Ruth still comes in to make the pastries at their place sometimes, but the recipe itself has been passed down in the Ruth Strauss Grueneich family for generations. Grandma Ruth's Old-Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls is open every day of the week except for Sunday, so make sure to stop in some lovin’ from the oven. Other great stops are: Civil War Museum, Silver Dollar City, Branson Landing, and the Titanic Replica Museum.

Currently, presumably all shows, and attractions are open for business in some capacity. Lodging, dining, and shopping are open as well, though there may be new policies and practices in place. touring this museum which does a great job telling the story of the Titanic. At the start of the tour you are given the name & story of one of the passengers and at the end, you find out if your person survived or was lost at sea. There are not a lot of actual artifacts, mostly pictures but what they have is very interesting and lots to see and look at You get to be a passenger and see where and how they travelled. Feel how cold the water was.

Branson Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama is an Outdoor activity, there is Wax museum with Hollywood stars and the Toy Museum, Shopping malls

Including my favorite, Grand Village Shops. A unique experience for your shopping must be

Branson Landing - Downtown Mall with a variety of good restaurants, water fountain that is a lovely evening show itself, it is a wonderful place to just stroll through. You might take in the Branson Dinosaur Museum where children will have lots of fun.

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