Schmidt Christmas Market Presents A Christmas Travel Special: Christmas In Tuscany

Schmidt Christmas Market Presents A Christmas Travel Special: Christmas In Tuscany

Schmidt Christmas Market Presents A Christmas Travel Special: Christmas In Tuscany

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Today, Schmidt Christmas Market is going to take you to one of our favorite destinations in the entire Mediterranean. Of course, that is none other than the world-famous Tuscany Italy.

This is one of the most delightful places to go any time of the year, but if you happen to be around the Mediterranean over the holidays, it will make a wonderful Christmas destination this time of year.

There are more things to do here than you may realize because this is a city that has more history than many countries. There is a lot to do and a lot to see, so let's go ahead and get started.

Top Activities For Visitors To Tuscany Over The Holidays In 2020

The best activities to partake in within the city limits of Tuscany depend on the person you ask. This is a diversity that can cater to people of just about any audience.

We have selected some of the best experiences that we believe represent a wide selection of what makes this city so special during the holidays.

Stop By The Christmas Market At FLORENCE - Piazza Santa Croce

There are plenty of the famous European Christmas markets that come out for people to Peru's over the holiday season every year.

This particular one is located at that Piazza Santa Croce and is one of the most famous ones in the entire city. It would be a great place to pick up some gifts made by hand from local artisans throughout the Italian countryside.

Meander Around The Christmas Market At MONTEPULCIANO - Piazza Grande

This Christmas market has made a name for itself because of the wide selection of Christmas decorations available from the various vendors who set up shop in its stalls.

If you are looking for a way to bring home a slice of the Tuscany experience to hang up on your Christmas tree next year, this is a great place to look for something that fits the mold.

LUCCA - Area Del Foro Boario Christmas Market

Finally, there are more than just three simple Christmas markets throughout the city of Tuscany.

Still, if you check this one out, you will have seen just about everything that the Christmas market scene has to offer. If you particularly enjoy all local arts and crafts, you can always check out more on your own time.

If you have not gotten to see something like this in your life, it is worth checking out while you are over there.

Londa Nr Florence - Live Nativity Scene

Since it is the home to the Christian religion dating back to the time of the Romans, Italy has a strong heritage for displaying different types of Christmas scenes such as Nativity scenes in public.

This one here is one of the best artistic ones that you will find in Italy because it is such a powerfully performed live-action performance.

It is an impressive piece of artistic performance worth checking out while you are traveling. That is especially true if you typically appreciate live performances. It is chock-full of the holiday spirit.

Palazzuolo Sul Senio - 1000 Presepe Per Palazzuolo Nativity Exhibition

Every year this is the Nativity exhibition that draws the most attention from the local artistic crowd. Many people will compete each year to see whose designs take place as the focal piece for this year's Nativity scene.

It is a great showcase of the Christmas spirit and a fantastic spot where you can observe some artists' work while they cultivate their masterpiece.

If there is not something magical about that while you are wandering down the romantic streets of Tuscany, we do not know what would be.

Uffizzi Gallery Renaissance Art Gallery

Of course, Tuscany has a rich history and is especially rich in its history of the arts. The Renaissance took place primarily in the Italian peninsula and is home to many of the world's most famous artists from Western history.

You can check out some of the pieces that are on display yourself at one of the many museums located throughout the city.

This particular museum rotates through the pieces that are on display regularly, but it is one of the best collections of medieval artwork pieces that you will ever find.

SATURNIA Thermal Spa

The city of Tuscany sits on top of a ton of different thermal spots that are incredibly popular for people to visit when they come to the area. This is the most famous hot spring in Italy, and it has been in continuous use for at least 3000 years.

The water is kept at a continuous 37.5°C throughout the entire year. It flows through the area at 500 L per second. This allows the thermal spot to rejuvenate its own water without any external interference completely.


While this one is not as natural as the other thermal spa we have featured on the list, it is one of the most inconclusive. You will be able to sample anything that you would consider to be a high-class experience while you are at this spa and resort.

The thermal pools to regulate their temperature from within the earth or naturally. Please relax and enjoy the Italian countryside as you look out over it once the sunsets while you are melting into the warm waters of this unique thermal spa.


At this thermal spot, you will have an entire trained staff waiting on you hand and foot. You do not need to worry about a thing once you step in the doors. The people there know what they are doing, and they will take good care of you.

This is the type of experience that you and the lady would love to go on for your next holiday adventure if you do not have any children yet and are still feeling a little adventurous.

It will give you something to remember about your completely unforgettable trip to Tuscany over the holidays.

Sample Some Of The Famous Tuscany Cuisine And Wine

No trip to the Italian country would be complete without enjoying as many of the samples of local cuisine as possible while you are in the area. Tuscany is no exception to this rule. Throughout the Tuscan city, you will find a great selection of native cuisine favorites.

If you are having a hard time figuring out what you should try next, it will not hurt to ask one of the native people. The people of Tuscany live whenever there are tourists who want to be recommended the best food in the area.

All of the Tuscan people believe that they know where the best-hidden spots are. It is probably the easiest way to find my flowing food while you are abroad.

Check Out The Massive Christmas Tree In Front Of The Duomo

Of course, no trip to Tuscany's city over the holidays would be complete without seeing one of the world's most impressive Christmas trees.

This is in front of one of the most prominent cathedrals in the entire Italian country.

If you happen to get a chance to catch a glimpse of this massive Christmas tree, see if you can get the entire thing to fit in one picture. It is nearly impossible.

Written by Hedi Schreiber for Schmidt Christmas Market.

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