Schmidt Christmas Market Presents: Christmas In Prague

Schmidt Christmas Market Presents: Christmas In Prague

Schmidt Christmas Market Presents: Christmas In Prague

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If you have one country that is left to complete on your list of the pan-European Christmas tour, it's probably Czechoslovakia. Today it is known as the Czech Republic, and the capital city crack is one of the hottest destinations in Eastern Europe for that particular time of year we all call Christmas.

Suppose you happen to be across the pond this winter and look for a little slice of your own experience to enjoy. Why not try to claim a stake in the nightlife of Prague. It is one of the most popular destinations for people that want to take advantage of the robust exchange-rate currency differences between the United States and eastern European currencies.

It is a lot less expensive over there for you to buy things than for people who live over there already because of the strength of the US dollar.

That will leave you with plenty of cash left over to purchase as many Christmas decor items as you would like. Seldom do we find ourselves with this much to say about the place we have with this authentic old European capital city in the Czech Republic.

It will be a vacation destination worth remembering for the entire family if you decide to bring them.


Top Eight Christmas Vacation Ideas For Travelers In Prague This Holiday Season


ometimes when you are traveling, you want to have someone who has been there for so they can guide you to the most popular destinations.

The items at the top of the list for many of the most popular tourist magazines or other publications may feature some very respectable in their right attractions. Still, due to over-popularity, it may not provide the experience you would like.


We have looked at the cultural history of the Czech Republic and its people, the traditions of Christmas, and synthesized a collection of the best things that you can bring your family along with for the holidays when you visit this year.


Visit The Christmas Markets In Prague


Schmidt Christmas Market is always excited to feature another famous capital of ancient European cities with some of the original Christmas markets from medieval Europe still in operation to this day.

Little did many people know that the roots of Christmas were a pagan holiday hailed from the Slavic people. As descendants of the Slavic people, Czechoslovakia's culture has a richer folklore history of Christmas tales that are not always as wholesome as we remember back home.

If you would like to learn more, why not pick up one of the decorative Christmas tales from one of the artisan vendors. The vast majority of the items sold inside these Christmas markets located throughout crack are handmade by the people who are selling the items rather than mass-produced.


Observation Bridge At Old Town Square


Old town Square is the center of the oldest section of the city of Prague. During the winter months of the year, you can easily distinguish it by looking at the famous observation Bridge impossible minutes from the town center.

If you climb to the top of the spiral stair places that are adorned with Christmas lighting lore, you will summit the steps to a view of the entire Christmas market scene.

You should also be greeted by many delicious and delightful aroma from local cuisine being sampled all around you.


Sample Some Of The Famous Local Roasted Ham On A Spit


If some of that smell just seems quite irresistible, you might want to try some of the local favorites. We recommend checking out one of the organic local food vendors that have him roasted on Spitz available-for-sale.


Ask them what the word is for this dish in their native tongue. It is one of the most popular items, and do not be ashamed if you want to try another one before you leave.


You can try the local cuisine as many times as you want while you're on vacation, right?


Check Out Some Of The Famous Czech Beer


Schmidt Christmas Market is always going to recommend sampling some local craft breweries that are so famous from this part of Europe.

You may have heard of a few of their popular beverages, such as the Pilsner. Pilsner animals were first invented in this area of the country and have since spread around the world.


Why not try one of them out in its birthplace if you get the chance?


Organic Farmers Market Food Vendors


The Czech Republic still has a vibrant culture of agricultural communities that farm without using genetically modified organisms. Farmers from the local region will bring their produce and livestock to sale whenever they are in town.


Some of them will set up food vendor stalls and cook it so that it is ready to eat right on the street. Try as many as you can while you are in the area as each one will be a little bit different.


Prague Petting Zoo


Christmas Decor is all over the place in this part of the town. The animal Staples house several different species of animals that are available for children to play with. Around the Christmas months of the year, Santa Claus will sometimes be seen in the area with some reindeer. If you happen to catch them, you might be able to get him to take a picture with you. It would definitely be something to write home to your family about.


Christmas Tree And Old Town Square


Of course, there is more than just the old observation Bridge in the town square. The biggest attraction of all for the entire city during December is a gigantic Christmas tree right in the center of the city.

The incredibly large tree is from the Liberec Region of the Czech Republic and was transported long ago quite a distance to look at it today. It will dazzle the entire city sky with its brilliant lighting arrangement every day when they kick on at 5 PM.

Try to see if you can get the entire train in one picture if you are willing to take the time. It may seem a little easier than it actually is at first glance. It is typically possible with modern smartphones so take your time and make sure that you take the shot perfectly.


Classical Opera And Ballet At The Prague State Opera


It is hard to pick out which is the best option from all the classical style entertainment choices available in this fine European city. Many people do not have quite the selection available back home, so it can be overwhelming if you have not been before.


We decided to choose the Opera and ballet because it has the longest-running and perhaps most internationally recognized reputation. You can get some tickets to check out some of your favorite Christmas operas or ballets at the Prague State Opera.


It is a premier institution where people worldwide are always astonished by whenever they initiate the performance. It will really help to get you and the entire family in the Christmas spirit this year. Do not miss out on your chance to see this.


If you think that you might like to check out some of the other entertainment options, you can see anything from a medieval tavern to city dweller nightlife.

Written by Hedi Schreiber for Schmidt Christmas Market.

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