Schmidt Christmas Market Presents: Christmas In Saint Petersburg

Schmidt Christmas Market Presents: Christmas In Saint Petersburg

Schmidt Christmas Market Presents: Christmas In Saint Petersburg

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We are excited to bring you another edition of our favorite travel blog. This time, we will be looking at all of the activities you can enjoy with your family while vacationing in Russia this year if you happen to be in St. Petersburg over the holidays.

The city of St. Petersburg is one of the most important to all of Russia and its history.

The entire city was the site of the bloodiest battle of all of World War II. Despite that tragic past, the Christmas period still permeates the places and people of this city. Russia's cities are just as eclectic as its land. It is wide-ranging, and you will experience many things.

There are at least eight different palaces worth visiting, but many more things are available to check out. We have tried to narrow down things to make it an easier decision.

Please do not feel overwhelmed; it is only the holidays after all. But, if you do happen to have the time check out each of these as they are all worth it.


Top Eight Christmas Vacation Ideas For Travelers In Saint Petersburg This Holiday Season


We are open to beginning our tour of the various sights and sounds of the city of St. Petersburg, Russia, with some of the world's most famous palaces. The most impressive of them all is the winter palace, which belongs to Peter the first.


Winter Palace of Peter I


Schmidt Christmas Market reports that this Palace was occupied for nearly 200 years between 1732 and 1917. It now belongs to the state and is a part of the Hermitage Museum.

The physical location of the Palace is in the middle of Palace Square and the Palace embankment.

The version of the winter palace that we see standing today is its fourth iteration, which was first rebuilt in 1837. The winter palace was designed to be gargantuan in size to display the mighty power of Imperial Russia. It is hard to comprehend exactly how massive it is if you have not seen it in person.

When the Palace has first constructed, the czar of Russia controlled 1/6 of the Earth's landmass under his reign. This included a total of 525 million people that belonged to his kingdom by the end of the 19th century.

Catherine Palace and Park


This particular Palace is a fine example of what you would call a Rococo palace. It is located within 10 miles of downtown St. Petersburg and is the location of the ancient Russian Tsar's Palace for the summers.

The land was gifted to gather in the first 1710 by the grace of Peter the Great. Catherine the first had her first Palace built-in 1723 on the property.

Before the construction of this Palace, the only thing on the farmland was a tiny wooden house. It is exemplified by both Baroque and neoclassical architecture.


Grand Peterhof Palace


The Grand Peterhof Palace is a collection of different gardens and smaller palaces created by Peter the Great to challenge the Palace of Versailles.

After Peter, the Great, returned from a visit to the French royal court in 1717, he had decided to create his version of that beautiful Palace in his homeland.

Today, it is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. The gardens there are delightful to walk around and visit.

Pavlovsk State Museum


Schmidt Christmas Market always loves a good trip to the museum, and we find a city that has one worth visiting. The state has commissioned Pavlovsk Palace is one of the countries leading museums.

The museum is surrounded by a large English garden that is a public park. In 1777 Catherine, the second of Russia gave the land that the foundation of this Palace is to her first son.

The site went through several historical events and has been recognized as a historical site today. The museum will walk you through the lands of ancient history and talk about Russia and its people.


Faberge Museum


Christmas decor will rarely be as decadent as anything you find inside the Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. This is the world's largest privately and Museum collection open to public viewing.

The museum is located inside of the Shuvalov Palace.

Inside of the palaces, wondrous halls are over 4000 individual pieces of art and other high-value items. The prized possession of the museum is the sign in Imperial Easter eggs created by Faberge for the final two Russian stars. The Faberge X are some of the most beautiful royal regalia ever adorned by the Russian emperors.

This museum only began to be opened to the public in 2013, but it has since seen millions of individuals walk through its halls to see the $100 million collections of fine art from around the world and throughout history.

Yusupov Palace on Moika River


Christmas Decor does not always next with scary stories, so we will not tell you about the history of Rasputin in this palaces hallowed ground, but it is still in place worth visiting.

St. Petersburg has some of the most storied histories in the entire Russian kingdom. Land for this Palace belonged in Imperial hands for many years before anything was officially constructed.

The first version of the Palace that currently adorns the land was built in 1776 by a French architect.

This architect was imported by the Imperial Russian stars to try out some of their famous architectural styles. The Palace was nationalized after the Russian Revolution, and today it is recognized as a Hermitage site.

The State Hermitage Museum


The State Hermitage Museum is considered one of the premier institutions of fine arts in the entire city of St. Petersburg, Russia. It is still, to this day, the second-largest collection of art in the museum open to the public today.

The collection was created in 1764 by Catherine the great when she first purchased the collection from a German merchant. Only a tiny portion of the entire collection of art is available on display permanently.

The rest of the items will rotate throughout several years. Entrance to the museum is free every single day for children and on the third.

Thursday is free for everyone who wants to go and attend one of the world's most impressive are museum collections during this Christmas season this year.


Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall


This theater hall is perfect for the entire family to check out some of the amazing Christmas girls that happen every year over December.

It was first built in the year 1900. It is impressive when multiple buildings in a city are nearly as old as the country you are visiting. You must get used to that when you visit some of the older Eastern European cities if you happen to live in the United States most of the time.

Few things are as old or as storied available in our home country. Check out some of the world's greatest fine art by purchasing a ticket for the Nutcracker at this amazing concert hall. It makes a perfect family getaway for everyone during this special time of year.

Written by Hedi Schreiber for Schmidt Christmas Market.

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