Stocking Stuffer Ideas For College Students

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Teenagers can be hard to shop for in general, but small gifts to put in stockings that they will actually enjoy and use for more than a day can be tough. Here’s a list of items to fill their stockings that will put a smile on their face!




 Succulents are literally meant to survive harsh environments, perfect for teenagers/young adults who may forget to water their plant, but enjoy the aesthetic and sense of responsibility. There are hundreds of types of succulents, varying in shapes, colors, and sizes. Bonus: if you have a green thumb and plan ahead, you can buy one succulent and propagate several more succulents into their own pot!




Phone Charging Accessories

Young people are always on their phones...which leads to the battery draining fast all day, every day. Portable and wireless chargers are great gifts that will get used often, especially during the school year, vacations or road trips when outlets are not easily accessible. Plain cubes and wires are also good gifts because they can be broken or lost so a spare is useful.



Unique flavors of coffee and tea are perfect for the cold weather, early mornings, and all-nighters for a big test. If they have a coffee machine you can get K-cups or Nespresso pods, depending on what they have. Coffee packets that just need warm water/milk can be used by anyone! You could also do the same with tea!


Coffee Cups

To go alongside new coffee or tea flavors,  reusable travel cup or mug is a perfect stocking stuffer for college students. Help reduce the use of plastic and waste and help fill their cabinet for when they run out of clean dishes.




Skin Care/ Self Care Products


College can be STRESSFUL and students often don’t remember how important self-care is or don’t make time for themselves. Giving them the products encourages them to use them. Skincare, lotion, chapstick, bath bombs, and soaps are great options. Bonus points for CBD, organic, vegan, or zero waste products!




Desk Supplies/ Decorations


Encourage your student to spend less time studying on their bed or couch and more time being productive on their desk! You can buy decorations like plants, figurines, vases and picture frames. You can also buy supplies like mechanical pencils, colored pens, highlighters, erasers, and more fun supplies like washi tape, push pins, and silly tape dispensers.

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