Stocking Stuffers for Children

Stocking Stuffers for Children

Stocking Stuffers for Children

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Stocking Stuffers for Children



Legos are a great way to spark imagination in children. From premade sets with instructions to packs of random legos, they will be sure to get creative juices flowing. Another fun option is to customize a lego character to look like the kids, you choose the facial expression, hair, and clothes.


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Character Figurine

If you know what characters the child loves in their favorite shows, movies, games or books you can buy them a figurine of that character. It can be used as a room decoration or as an actual toy if its is not glass. The site of their favorite character in their stocking will be thrilling.


Felt Toys

Felt toys are a trend and have such a wide variety in the objects they can be. There are many small shop sellers you can find on sites like Etsy and social media so that you can support a small business. The food felt toys are very cute. You can also learn to make them yourself with thread, felt, and a needle!





Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are also popular in small online businesses and can be customized because they are handmade. Wooden toys are great for the environment and children love the fun shapes and colors that can be made with wood.



Funny Stuffed Toys

Ditch the basic stuffed teddy bear and get a small stuffed object with a cute face! What child wouldn’t love a cute stuffed avocado toy?




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