Sustainable Wooden Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Sustainable Wooden Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Sustainable Wooden Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

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In all the hustle and bustle of decorating your home for the holiday, it’s easy to forget just how much stuff you use and throw away every year that you cant recycle. Making the switch to more sustainable, environmentally conscious Christmas does not have to happen all at once, but instead of purchasing new unrecyclable plastic and easily breakable glass products, opt for the more durable, and sustainable wooden decorations and ornaments!

 Wooden Ornaments


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 Wooden ornaments are less likely to break after any accidental drops or falls than glass decorations. You may also be able to add color, glitter, and more personalizations to these or leave their natural, rustic aesthetic.


This set of 6 wooden ornaments features delicate and intricate cut out designs that add dimension and dynamics to each piece. A snowflake, star, rocking horse, heart, Christmas tree, and rocking horse are included in this sweet wooden set.





This set of red truck wooden ornaments add a pop of color and vintage feel to your Christmas tree with the gorgeous details in each piece.





Wooden Decor

            Wooden decor pieces will last for years and have less of a carbon footprint. Some are customizable and unique, with beautiful, natural wood grain.


This wooden Christmas countdown advent calendar is perfect for creating your own set of gifts and surprises in each compartment and also gives you the opportunity to color it yourself for a fun day of DIY and crafts. This calendar can last for years and become a part of your family holiday traditions.





This wooden snowglobe table decoration shows a Christmas cottage in the forests accompanied by a couple of sleighs and teams of reindeer with a  warm light shining through, casting beautiful Christmas shadows.




Wooden Villages

Wooden villages are also a great alternative to glass and plastic decor! Christmas villages are intricately detailed gatherings of holiday cottages and small, adorable additions on the outsides like snowmen, sleighs, Christmas trees, reindeers, and little characters decked out in their winter holiday gear! Each village has its own personality and tells its own story.



This quaint wooden Christmas village even has LED lights that shine through the windows, adding a warmth to the cheery colors of this holiday display.



This adorable village is a small wooden Christmas market, complete with three stalls selling souvenirs and toys to the visitors of the Christmas market.



These wooden decorations are a great way to have a more eco-friendly Christmas while not sacrificing quality, looks, or value. Every effort to be more sustainable helps the planet, so why not help one cute ornament at a time!


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