Tips for a More Sustainable Christmas

Tips for a More Sustainable Christmas

Tips for a More Sustainable Christmas

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Incorporate these tips into your holiday season to cut back on waste and have a guilt-free, environmentally conscious Christmas. 

Sustainable Wrapping Paper

Gift wrap is seen for the shortest time and immediately tossed in the trash making it such a waste around the holiday time. Sadly, everything with glitter and shine is not recyclable. Eco-friendly gift wrap is a great way to cut down on the waste and there are so many options! You can use newspapers, compostable/recyclable wrapping paper, scarves, old fabrics, or even reusable fabric wrapping bags.


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Wooden Decorations and Ornaments

Swapping out your nonrecyclable plastics and easily shattered glass ornaments and ornaments can reduce waste as well. While some treated wood can not be recycled, wooden Christmas decor is made with less of a carbon footprint and will be far more durable than glass ornaments.


Plantable Christmas Cards

Reduce paper waste by giving out plantable Christmas cards to your friends and family this holiday season. These cards come in many beautiful designs and can even be personalized. They’re made from recycled material and embedded with seeds, so after gifted they can be planted rather than thrown out.



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Switching your bigger bulbs out for LED bulbs is actually one of the most impactful changes to make to help the environment, your safety, and your power bill! LED lights are more efficient, do not easily overheat, and can be put on a timer to only be on during optimal times.

Real Christmas Trees

Not only does buying real trees from a tree farm support your local farmers, but it also makes much more sense environmentally. Fake Christmas trees are sent to landfills, not recycling centers, but if you reuse this tree for around five years your environmental footprint is lowered! So, if you already have a great artificial tree, do not get rid of it, just use it until you NEED a new one and then you can opt for a real tree every year.

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