To Travel or Stay Home for Christmas

To Travel or Stay Home for Christmas

To Travel or Stay Home for Christmas

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With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are making big plans. For some, this means taking a trip to an exotic destination. For others, it means staying home with friends and family. Each option has its share of advantages. Which will you choose?

If you are trying to decide whether to stay home or travel this holiday season, here are some factors that may help you find the option that’s right for you.


Experiencing a Different Culture

The biggest advantage of traveling is getting to find out about different cultures. This is a priceless experience that can not be taken lightly.

During the holidays, you will not only see how other people live, you will see how they celebrate Christmas. You will be in for a joyous occasion and a unique vacation you will never forget.

Seeing Relatives

Traveling may also mean seeing family and friends. If you have loved ones that live far away, you may not get to see them very often. Getting in a car, on a plane or on a train to go see them not only makes for a lovely vacation, it also gives you a chance to spend the holidays in a different town, city, state or country.

Time Off Work

When you plan a trip, you often need to take time off work. During Christmas, it’s likely you already have time off work. You may even end up getting paid for the time you spend on vacation. That’s a double bonus.

Relieves Loneliness and Depression

When we stay home for the holidays, we may get depressed. Even those of us who have family and friends to spend time with will experience depression that seeps in as part of our normal routine.

Traveling takes us out of ourselves. It lifts our spirits and takes us away from the everyday tasks that keep us down. The improved mood makes the holiday more fun overall.

It Lasts Longer

After Christmas is over, all of us feel a little gloomy. Taking a vacation minimizes gloom because the holiday doesn’t end when Christmas does. If you are staying in town for a week after Christmas, it extends the holiday cheer.

Staying Home

Less Stress

Traveling is a great adventure, but it comes with its share of stress. The packing, the arrangements, the getting to and from places…and if you’re thinking of bringing presents with you, it can just add to the anxiety.

Staying at home does not comes with nearly as much stress. In fact, it is a great way to relax and enjoy some much-needed time off work.

Less Expensive

With all the money spent on rental cars, airplane fare, hotels and food, traveling expenses really add up. And during Christmastime, travel rates can really get inflated. If you’re staying home, it will be way less expensive.

You’re with Family and Friends

Even if you travel to visit family, it’s likely that most loved ones are located in your hometown. Staying home will give you a chance to celebrate with them.

The City is Empty

During the holidays, many people go out of town and the city is yours. There’s less traffic, your favorite stores aren’t as crowded, and attractions are more accessible. Sounds like a great time for a staycation to me!

You Can Take Advantage of Sales

After Christmas, the prices on items go down. You can shop at your favorite stores and take advantage of the reductions.

While sales happen all over the world, they are less likely to occur in a vacation hotspot where shops and restaurants are still trying to cash in on the holiday season. 

Both traveling and staying home for the holidays have their share of benefits and both can be a great way to ring in Christmas and New Year. Which option will you be taking? 

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