Top 10 Things To Do Over Christmas This Year In Banff Canada

Top 10 Things To Do Over Christmas This Year In Banff Canada

Top 10 Things To Do Over Christmas This Year In Banff Canada

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Schmidt Christmas market is excited to bring to you another collection of travel ideas to explore this winter sponsored by our famous collection of Christmas decor.

Today, we will look at one of the most popular areas to visit in Canada, Banff National Park, and the surrounding areas. There's plenty to do in these areas, from spending time outside exploring nature to enjoying a sleigh ride out in the snow.

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1. Evening Safari Ride In Banff National Park

Banff National Park offers nightly safaris where you get to go for a sleigh ride and observe wildlife throughout the Park. The total trip lasts around two hours and is a great way to see some of the countrysides when the sun is down.

While you are on safari, you can expect to see a variety of wildlife and plant life that thrives in the Park. You'll likely see elk and deer and possibly even some bears all living in their natural habitats. It's definitely an exciting experience worth checking out if you're in the area.

2. Visit Sunshine Meadows To Observe The Wildlife

Sunshine Meadows is one of the most popular areas inside the National Park. You can make your own way to the top of the mountain to observe the Meadows that sprawl before you or take one of the gondolas. The gondola ride is a total of 4.6 km. It terminates at the Alpine village near the peak of the mountain.

From the peak, you can easily observe the entire valley around you. On especially clear days, you can even look at wildlife throughout the Park as they go through life's motions. It's a truly breathtaking experience. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to see the Canadian Rockies from a perspective you rarely get the chance.

3. Ride on a horse pulled sled ride in Banff National Park

Around Christmas time, whenever there is plenty of snow on the ground, you can go to Banff National Park and get pulled behind a sled. This is a great activity to take your children with for the adventure. If you are lucky, your slave driver may even act in character and dress up as Santa Claus. For children, this can be one of the most exciting things they've ever experienced: Riding on a sled as it is being pulled by horses driven by Santa looking up at the winter night sky littered with stars enumerable.

4. Visit the Cave and Basin National Historic Site

The cave and basin national historic site is a great place to visit the gift shop and pick up some Christmas decor on the way out after learning all about the history of the Canadian National Park system. This historic site is where the original Canadian National Park was first established.

Throughout the site, there are exhibits that will teach you all about the history of the National Park system in Canada as well as the culture of the area. You can go through the exhibits on your own, listen to the audio guides at your own pace, or join one of the guided tours.

Along the way and you'll get to experience some of the hot water that leaks out of the ground in this part of Canada, as well as some of the fragrant minerals, mined from the earth.

5. Banff Park Museum National Historic Site

the Banff Park Museum National historic site lets you get up close with the nature of the Rocky Mountains. They include some of the mountainside's most dangerous predators stuffed throughout their exhibits so you can check them out up close.

Inside the museum, there are over 5000 different artifacts at the oldest federal building in any Canadian national park. The museum has been in operation continuously since 1903.

6. Snowshoeing Tour to the Paint Pots

If you do not normally get the chance to experience snow during Christmas time, you definitely need to take the opportunity and go snowshoeing. There is a guided tour that will take you and your family on a snowshoeing trip to a group of famous mineral spring pools called the Paint Pots.

Along the way, you will learn about the Canadian nature that surrounds you and enjoy some refreshing hot cocoa. As you walk through the snow with your snowshoes on you'll be surrounded by some of the most beautiful Canadian wilderness imaginable.

7. Discover Lake Louise

Lake Louise is generally considered to be the biggest attraction inside of Banff National Park. Each year overwinter, the lake is turned into a place that you could only imagine. The lake freezes over and allows people to go ice skating on it.

Each year there are ice sculpture competitions, and the sculptures are put on display on top of the lake. If you have not gotten to see Lake Louise this time of year, it's not something you want to miss. You can even use the Banff national Park transportation system to easily make it to the lake without struggling your way there on your own.

Taking your children ice-skating on top of a natural lake is an incredible experience that many would consider being one of the highlights of their vacations once they get back home.

8. Johnston Canyon Evening Icewalk

Inside of Banff National Park is Johnston Canyon. During the wintertime, there are guided tours that let you go through this extraordinary place safely. The tours take groups of people through the canyon on one of the Park's most popular places to hike once the sun has set.

Each individual is given a headlamp, and then they get to go with their tour guide and check out the frozen waterfalls inside of the canyon. There are refreshments provided to tour groups at the midway point to keep you guys feeling good throughout the entire event.

If you have not seen a frozen waterfall up close and in person, it's definitely something that will definitely stick with you.

9. Banff Gondola Ride

Schmidt Christmas market always recommends that anyone who goes and visits Banff Canada to check out their gondola. It is one of the largest gondolas in the Western Hemisphere, and it takes you up to the top of the mountain in the Park. With over 2 miles worth of track, you get to see the Park from high up along the way.

The gondolas have fully wrapped around windows, so you'll have a full 360° view of the world around you. Once you arrive at the top of Sulfur Mountain, you will be greeted by some of the most amazing panoramic views that you've ever seen.

You'll have a little over 1 ½ hour to check out everything Mount sulfur has to offer up top before you begin the gondola ride back down to the base of the mountain. Some restaurants at the top of the mountain consistently receive stellar reviews and are worth checking out if you happen to find yourself up there.

10. Banff Cave and Basin Exploring Game

The Banff Cave and basin exploring Game is one of the most unique experiences you'll find in any country at a national Park. This interactive game lets you play with another team as you race to reach the next location to answer questions.

The Game is guided by an interactive smartphone app that will lead you down some of the best trails in the Park. As you are going through the trails, the app will query you different questions to see if you can answer them correctly. You can play competitively against other people in your group and see who wins.

If you and your family enjoy friendly competition and spend time outside, this unique activity could be the highlight of your winter vacation. It is certainly not something most people will have experienced before.


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