Winter Outfit Ideas for Women

Winter Outfit Ideas for Women

Winter Outfit Ideas for Women

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A super cute trend to try this winter is layering overall dresses over a sweater or shirt. It is a simple fall/winter outfit idea. Overalls elevate an outfit by adding more color, texture, buttons, and patterns. They also provide limitless outfit combinations!




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This outfit also features a cream-colored sweater. The most trendy colors this year are natural and neutral tones. To add a pop of color, red lips are a classic, and nail polish and chokers are great pieces to utilize for this as well.


A way to add warmth to your legs, color, and texture to an outfit is by adding pantyhose (or stockings and leggings). The darker and semi see-through leggings are a hit this winter.


            The ankle booties and coat make great accessories.

Another way to add layering and warmth is by putting a sweater over a collared button-up shirt. This adds sophistication but still keeps it’s cute and casual. These pants with the plaid print make this look smart and trendy.


 These platform, chunky heel booties add height, keep your ankle warm and add an edge to the outfit. They are also very versatile winter shoe and would work with many outfits.


A way to dress up practically every shirt in your closet instead of buying just one dress is by adding a skirt to your wardrobe. Most often, a shirt is tucked into the skirt and you can choose any length skirt for the occasion and season. If it’s chilly, a pair of leggings under would add warmth and can make a girly outfit edgier.


            Hair accessories are a creative way to make an outfit more festive, such as this red ribbon holding the half up half down hair style.


Accessories: watches, boots, purses, coats, scarves, and gloves are great winter accessories and winter staples. Neutral tones are great for fall and winter and will match many outfits





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