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Hubrig German Smoker Santa 8inch Incense Burner

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Hubrig German Smoker Santa 8inch Incense Burner German handmade Decoration.  This piece is painted  by Craftsmen at Hubrig folk Art in Zschorlau Germany.

20CM ~ 8 inches Tall

Decorate your House or Office with flare and style. Select from the finest collection of handmade German Christmas Decorations.

German Smokers make great gifts for the hard to find person because they are all unusual and unique. German smokers are made from two pieces of wood that fit together to create one body. A small incense cone can then be placed inside the smoker, allowing it to burn efficiently and causing the smoke to more effectively come out of the figurine's mouth.

Don't Forget to get your Incense Cones

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Watch our Video about Made by Hand German Smokers in our Blog

Made in Germany

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