Precious Petals Deluxe Moses Carrier - Yellow/Teal

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Send your best wishes in a bog way with our Precious Petals Deluxe baby gift. Complete with everything baby will need to start life's journey in style. The Precious Petals Deluxe Moses Carrier-Yellow/Teal includes: 42" fabric lined washable mosses carrier, 12" plush baby elephant, 3 baby onesies, 3 sets baby booties, 3 baby beanies, 3 baby washcloths, 2 fleece baby receiving blankets, Baby tooth keepsake holder, Baby first curl keepsake holder, Baby Footprints kit, New Tree baby kit, Baby announcement plaque, Baby Lullaby Cd baby brush & comb set, baby manicure set, baby q-tips in an acrylic boxPrice includes Ground Shipping

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